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We girls try so hard to make our hair look well styled at all times but let’s admit it, IT IS SO DIFFICULT! Whether we see or not, we do make some damaging mistakes and then try to figure out why we have bad hair days so often! Well, fret no more! VEGA’s here to make you look at some of your most common hair-care mistakes and how to avoid them!

  • Comb! – Wet hair are most prone to breakage so do not ever comb your hair before they’ve dried up. Also, if you comb in the shower- apply conditioner, untangle them with your fingers and then use a wide toothed comb before rinsing.
  • Too much shampoo! – Whoever told you to wash your hair every other day didn’t know anything. Every person is different and so is every head. Judge for yourself and decide how often your hair needs shampoo. Too much shampoo can make your scalp dry.
  • Straighteners! - Straighteners can do wonders for your hair- but not when they’re damp! Even if you want to straighten your hair, dry them up first. Hot Irons on damp hair will not lead to styled but broken tresses.
  • Hair Grooming Appliances! – Whenever you use a curler or a straightener on your hair, make sure you always use a heat-protective aid to shield your strands and smooth cuticles. Heat can do a lot of damage and we often tend to ignore this hair-villain.
  • Active! - WE all know it’s important to oil hair before washing them but how often do we really do it? Well, we should! It’s important to keep your hair active- oil them, massage, shampoo, condition, style, and there you go!

Do tell us how many of these mistakes you make and how are advice helped!

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