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There is no dearth of style experts in our country. And no, I am not talking about the certified professionals who do research before making a statement about style; I am talking about the aunty next door, and your colleague, or your friend’s mother who think they know all about style and will make comments about how your hair were prettier before your new haircut or how your complexion is too dark for that bright pink lip color or how your thighs are too fat for that mini skirt. But you know what girl; you don’t need to listen to any one of them. You don’t need to pay heed to any definition of style made by people who want to chain you into societal norms and smother you till you give up.


Who has the right to define? – No One. Absolutely no one but yourself. Understand that style and fashion are two very different things and you don’t need to follow any magazine or advice tips if you don’t feel comfortable in it. The only reason you should wear that pair of skin tight jeans or have red streaks in your hair should be to please that girl in the mirror.


People are going to comment- anyway and always. Your hair will look too short to someone and too frizzy to someone else. Try and straighten them out, and they’ll say your hair have lost their volume. They’ll complain about your legs in a short dress and your thighs in a pair of tight jeans. Learn this: people are very smart; they will always find something wrong in you. So instead of trying to please them, just please yourself.


This is your last chance, girl! - Who knows if you’re going to have a life after this! Even if you do, you won’t be you! And as they say, you will never be younger than you are today! So make mistakes, experiment, break the rules, go out there and make your own style!

So, what’s your MeStyle? ;)

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