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As much monsoons are a fun time for us, they are an equally irritating and difficult time for our hair! It gets so difficult to keep them from sweating and keep them styled at the same time! But worry not Ladies, VEGA is here to solve all your problems! Here are a few tips to help you take care of your beautiful hair in the rainy season!

  • Protect your hair from rain water- Getting wet in the rain sounds fun, but not too often! Rain water is acidic and can be harmful for your hair. For their health, keep your hair dry.
  • Loosen up! - Don’t tie your hair too tight as it can trap rain water and make your hair all humid and frizzy.
  • Shampoo!- Make a balance, Wash your hair two to three times a week. Washing it every day or too often can be harmful as it can make your hair weak and leaving it unwashed for too long isn’t healthy either.
  • Comb!- Don’t comb your hair when it’s wet. It can make your hair weaker and you’ll have to deal with more hair fall than is normal in the monsoon! Also, wait for your hair to dry up before you tie them.
  • Condition condition!- Hair fall is normal in the monsoon, but make sure that it doesn’t happen a lot. Use a mild shampoo and never ever take a hair bath without using a conditioner. It not only makes your hair softer but also healthier.

With our Monsoon tips, No rain can do any harm to your hair! Go out and Enjoy, Girl! Happy Monsoon

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