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VEGA Black Head Remover - Pointed ( BHR-01 )

Vega Black Head Remover - Pointed is a one side pointed simple professional tool to extract the blac..

Rs. 70

VEGA Black Head Remover - Round ( BHR-02 )

Vega Black Head Remover - Round is a simple professional tool to extract the blackheads, pimples and..

Rs. 70


Pack of 50 pcs.100% NaturalSuper soft and cleanDual textureStitched edgesLint freeWater-jet technolo..

Rs. 65

VEGA Compact Mirror-Round ( CM-01 )

Vega presents various styles of compact mirror. This Vega Compact Mirror - Round is a compact mirror..

Rs. 90

VEGA Cotton Pads ( CP-01 )

Pack of 50 pcs.100% NaturalSoft & PureSuperior cottonUntouched by hands..

Rs. 110

VEGA Eyelash Curler ( EC-01 )

The Vega Eyelash Curler is the finest curler available, featuring extra sturdy construction and a sm..

Rs. 120

VEGA Premium Eyelash Curler ( EC-02 )

The Vega Premium Eyelash Curler is adored by professional make-up artists and even celebrities. This..

Rs. 175

VEGA Facial Band ( FB-01 )

Made with the soft, durable and stretch fabric, this Vega facial band is exclusive designed to give ..

Rs. 75

VEGA Nasal Safety Scissor ( NS-01 )

The Vega Nasal Safety Scissor is designed to cut nasal and ear hair with safety and ease. The precis..

Rs. 225

VEGA Tweezer - Square Tip ( TW-01 )

The Vega Tweezers - Square tip is the finest quality of tweezer with the hand filed square tip and p..

Rs. 60

VEGA Tweezer - Slant Tip ( TW-03 )

The Vega Tweezer - Slant tip is the finest quality of tweezer with the hand filed square tip and pre..

Rs. 80

VEGA Tweezer - Rubber Grip ( TW-04 )

The Vega Stainless Steel quality rubber grip tweezer with hand filed tip and non-slip grip is perfec..

Rs. 120