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Contour Brush (PB-01)

This Vega Contour Brush will give the perfect air brush finish with every make-up application. It is..

₹ 750 Ex Tax: ₹ 750

Foundation Brush (PB-02)

This Vega Foundation Brush is designed to provide a smooth, even finish and flawless look. This brus..

₹ 750 Ex Tax: ₹ 750

Concealer Brush (PB-03)

The Vega Concealer Brush is specially designed for small-area coverage and precise application. This..

₹ 599 Ex Tax: ₹ 599

Lip Liner (PB-04)

Vega Lip Liner is carefully crafted to enhance the beauty of the lips. Ideal for defining the outer ..

₹ 190 Ex Tax: ₹ 190

Lip Filler (PB-05)

The Vega Lip Filler is an ideal accompaniment to Lip Sticks and Lip Colors. It is perfect for detail..

₹ 350 Ex Tax: ₹ 350

Eye Shadow (PB-06)

This Vega Eye Shadow Brush has been designed for spreading and blending the Eye Shadow. The special ..

₹ 599 Ex Tax: ₹ 599

Pan Cake Brush - Round (PB-07)

This brush is designed for the Pan stick and Pan cake application...

₹ 575 Ex Tax: ₹ 575

Angular Blender (PB-08)

Use this Vega Angular Brush with eyebrow pencil to fill in spaces that are created with uneven growt..

₹ 325 Ex Tax: ₹ 325

Powder Brush (PB-09)

The Vega Powder Brush is a hand-crafted 100% natural bristle brush which is perfectly shaped to appl..

₹ 875 Ex Tax: ₹ 875

Pan Cake Brush - Flat (PB-10)

This brush is designed for the Pan sticks and Pan cake application...

₹ 625 Ex Tax: ₹ 625

Buffer Brush Large ( PB-11)

A large, full circular brush used for light weight application and blending of face powder or pigmen..

₹ 1,050 Ex Tax: ₹ 1,050

Deer Foot (PB-12)

This Vega Deer Foot Brush ideal for blending extra eye shadow and also good to pick up large amount ..

₹ 500 Ex Tax: ₹ 500

Blush Brush (PB-13)

Made with natural hair which is ideal for correct pick-up and blending of the powder. The round shap..

₹ 500 Ex Tax: ₹ 500

Eye Brush (PB-14)

The soft, smooth hair of this brush are gathered into a round shape which gives precision shading on..

₹ 575 Ex Tax: ₹ 575

Eye Brush (PB-15)

This Vega Round Contour Eye Brush is used for eye shadows and it is a perfect blend of sable and goa..

₹ 500 Ex Tax: ₹ 500

Liner Brush (PB-16)

This Vega Eyeliner Brush is recommended for applying gel and cream on eye liners. This is one of mos..

₹ 220 Ex Tax: ₹ 220

Buffer Brush - Small (PB-17)

A small, full circular brush used for light weight application and blending of face powder or pigmen..

₹ 690 Ex Tax: ₹ 690

Eye Smudger (PB-18)

This Vega Rubber Smudger will soften up hard eyeliner lines. Simply buff over the applied line to so..

₹ 220 Ex Tax: ₹ 220