One stop solution for men’s grooming and styling needs. Explore a wide range of products from shaver to hair clipper and trimmer to body groomer. Vega has all the affordable products to fulfill a man's grooming and styling needs. So, buy men grooming products online from Vega.

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T-Perfect Hair Trimmer (VHTH-01N)

Get a perfect trimmed look with Vega T-Perfect USB charging beard trimmer. This must have styling pa..

₹ 1,499 Ex Tax: ₹ 1,499

T-Style Beard/Hair Trimmer (VHTH-12)

Get a stylish, hassle free trim with Vega T-Style cordless trimmer. With its easy rotating wheel and..

₹ 1,150 Ex Tax: ₹ 1,150

Mr. Cool Shaver (VHST-01)

Vega Mr. Cool triple rotary shaver gives you an ease of quick dry shave or wet shave with foam or ge..

₹ 2,299 Ex Tax: ₹ 2,299

Mr.Smart Shaver (VHST-03)

Vega Mr. Smart triple head liner shaver smarten your life with individual floating stainless steel b..

₹ 2,499 Ex Tax: ₹ 2,499

EZ Precision Trimmer (VHNT-01)

Vega EZ precision trimmer is perfect to trim your hard to reach, unwanted hair of nose and ear. Get ..

₹ 799 Ex Tax: ₹ 799

Just Trim ( VHTH-01 )

This Vega Just Trim Hair Trimmer can keep your facial and body hair looking neat and clean. This Tri..

₹ 1,499 Ex Tax: ₹ 1,499

T-5 Grooming Station (VHTH-04)

This Vega T-5 Grooming Station Hair Trimmer can keep your facial and body hair looking neat and clea..

₹ 2,499 Ex Tax: ₹ 2,499

T-Desire Trimmer (VHTH-05)

When it comes to a quick trim for your facial and body hair Vega T-Desire Beard/Hair Trimmer helps ..

₹ 999 Ex Tax: ₹ 999

Advanced T-Comfort Trimmer (VHTH-08)

Vega Advanced T-Comfort trimmer is a powerful tool for styling your beard exactly the way you want. ..

₹ 1,499 Ex Tax: ₹ 1,499

T-Look Trimmer for Men (VHTH-10)

Vega T-Look beard trimmer makes, it remarkably easy to go from a neatly trimmed full beard to design..

₹ 1,099 Ex Tax: ₹ 1,099

Body Groomer for Men (VHBG-01)

A modern man needs a body groomer to shave more than body hair, but also to trim and style. Vega bod..

₹ 1,999 Ex Tax: ₹ 1,999