Pedicure Tools & Toe Separator (PDTS-01)

Pedicure Tools & Toe Separator (PDTS-01)

Vega 4-in-1 pedicure foot scrubber with four simple steps helps your feet stay beautifully smooth while removing rough, stubborn skin.
Nail and cleansing brush: Use this nail brush to clean feet and nails.
Pumice stone: Use this pumice stone to soften heels, toes and feet.
Metal file: Use metal file to rub away dry skin on the heels and pads of your feet.
Emery File: Use emery file to buff your skin for an exfoliated and soft finish
Toe separator: 2pcs Finger Toe Separator makes pedicures easy and professional. Ideal tools for separating fingers or toes while performing any nail art.

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