DIY Pedicure Set - 8 Tools (PDS-08)

DIY Pedicure Set - 8 Tools (PDS-08)

Vega brings the salon home with the new Vega DIY pedicure set. A 'Do It Yourself' kit with 8 unique tools which will help you get soft, smooth, and beautiful feet. A one stop shop solution for cracked, rough, dead skin, callus removal, corn treatment and perfect care for your feet.

Our Pedicure Set Includes : 3 Pedicure Files

3 Pedicure Files- Extra coarse and regular coarse file helps to remove hard dry skin and soften corns. Fine file helps to smoothen any rough and dry skin and make your heels shiny and smooth. To change file just flip thewhite tip.

Corn Cutter: Helpsto remove corns on toes or feet. (5pcs Blades)

Cuticle Trimmer: Themetal V end neatly trims the dead cuticle around the nails.

Nail Clipper: Tocut nails with ease in short even strokes.

2 in 1 Nail File: Silverside helps to shape your nails and even out rough edges. White side gives you asmooth finish.

Beauty Tips: Soak your feet in lukewarm water before removing foot callus.
Caution: Becareful when you are using or changing the blades of corn cutter.

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