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5 Best Ways to Style Crimped Hair

5 Best Ways to Style Crimped Hair

Can’t figure out which hairstyle to try on your next date or day out with friends? Try Retro hairstyle that is back in fashion as crimped hair. Retro hair look is getting popular in a revamped form this time and more girls are swooning over their hair transformation, all because of hair crimping. Hair Crimping adds volume and new life to the hair and this is all possible using the right Hair Crimper. For a chick to a casual look, crimped hair can be styled in a lot of ways that will make your hair look stylish and trendy. Crimped hair is all about zigzag waves using a crimping tool and brings back memories of the 80’s and 90’s trends. If you are bored of your regular hairstyle then you can try the following crimped hair ideas and look stunning!

Five Hair Ideas to Style Crimped Hair

Crimped Hair Waves

Waves in hair create a ripple-like pattern and give a break from monotonous hair texture. These waves are also called mermaid waves that are the absolute favorite of women to flaunt the summer beach look. Creating the aura of beach vibes, crimped waves compliment every face type and look. Use VEGA Hair Crimper with wider plates and create desirable crimps in your hair. Seal the look with a hair spray and flaunt your waves all day.

Feature Crimped Hair

Want to style crimped hair but in a different way? Try the feature crimped hair that means crimping only one section of hair and making it look stand out. Crimping hair partially gives a modest yet trendy look to the hair and you can balance between your two favorite hair looks at the same time. Make sure to use a hair spray for long-lasting hair.

Half Bun Look in Crimped Hair

Girls with long hair often struggle with balancing the messy hair. And if you like making a bun of your long and voluminous hair, then style your bun with crimped hair. Even if you have got short hair length, you can still carry this look on a date or brunch with friends. After crimping your hair, brush the hair to give a messy look and take one section and pull it in a bun or ponytail. Accessorize the style with a fancy scrunchie and finish the look with finishing touch.

Crimped Hair Bob

A bob haircut is a classic hair look that has been a favorite hairstyle for generations. And to give a retro look to the hair, a bob cut works well. Instead of carrying a pain bob cut, you can style your hair with a hair crimper. Simply, crimp your overall hair or a part of the hair locks and intensify the short hairstyle.

Crimps in Straight Hair

We all love straight hair but adding a touch of style does no harm. If you have straight hair locks and want to give a new look to the hair, then you can crimp particular sections of the hair and look breathtaking. This is the best way to keep a contrast between two trendy hairstyles uniquely. If you have voluminous hair and you don’t want to crimp the entire hair, then you can add touch-ups to the few hair sections and look amazing. Partial hair crimping is less time taking and suits the best for last-minute hair styling.

And that’s how you can style simple crimped hair in five different ways and slay any occasion or day.