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A few of the important things to look for buying the best hair dryer are its power efficiency to help with quick hair drying, your hair type, attachments for a smooth blow drying experience, and cool shot button to set your hairstyle along with temperature settings.

When it comes to high performance and powerful drying, choose a hair dryer that can quickly dry the hair with powerful ac motor. Ideally, VEGA Super pro Hair Dryer has 2400W powerful drying that makes hair drying and styling fuss free and instant.

Hair Dryer with a nozzle attachment is used to dry hair more efficiently and yields smooth, shiny, and polished hair. It offers better control while using the dryer helping with blow drying specific areas and also speeds up the drying time.

To get straight and smooth hair, you need to prep your hair first by giving a good wash and getting rid of any excess oil or grease. Let it dry first and then comb and detangle the knots. Apply a good Heat Protecting Serum to avoid damage to hair strands due to heat. Now divide the mane into different sections and style one section at a time. Set a specific temperature and start gliding the straightener on the hair and bring it down to the tips. Repeat the same process on the remaining hair sections.

One of the main benefits of having a Hair Straightener is its multipurpose styling usage. Other than using it for getting sleek, straight and shiny hair, it can also be used for getting loose and bouncy curls, beachy waves and stylish crimps.

A hair straightener with ceramic plates provides even heat distribution and circulates the heat gently. Meanwhile, titanium plates feature quick heat up, transfer the heat faster, and offer sleek, glossy and poker straight hair in no time.

Using the right hair brush for the right hair texture helps to achieve a healthy and voluminous hair look. Brushing your hair daily helps to distribute the scalp oil evenly and avoids hair issues like frizz, breakage, and greasy roots. Moreover, it helps to untangle hair knots, adds an instant shine, and much needed volume to the hair.

People mainly use Hair Brushes to detangle their hair knots, adding shine and volume. Depending upon your hair type, it is recommended to use a hair brush atleast twice a day to settle the flyways and frizz which is, once in morning and then during evening.

Different hair textures require different hair brushes. Depending upon the shape, size and type of bristles hair brushes have, you can choose round brush for curly hair, flat brush for straight hair, paddle hair brush for detangling the hair knots and a hot curl brush for styling and blowdrying.

Hair brushes and combs both are used for hair grooming and styling. However the major difference that makes them different from each other are their structure, design and teeth. Hair brushes have many bristles mainly round or rectangular in shape whereas combs have single line of teeth.

Choosing the perfect heat temperature to style your hair depends on the length and texture of your mane. If you have thin hair, you can set the styling appliance on low settings, whereas for thick and coarse hair, use higher heat settings. This rule applies to all types of hair-styling appliances.

The best way to clean the hair brush is by removing the hair strands stuck in the bristles. Also plug the vent hole with match stick so that water does not enter the cushion part. Next, take a bowl filled with lukewarm water and soap solution and dip the hair brush for a few minutes so that the debris of dirt gets loosened. Clean the bristles with gentle hands ensuring no dirt remains and then rinse with plain water till the lather goes off. For cleaning a wooden hair brush, dip your brush partially with bristles side down. Take a toothbrush or use your hands to clean the dirt in between the bristles.

Before starting to use a beard trimmer, ensure to brush your beard to tangle the knots and tame the flyways to ensure uniform beard trimming. Make sure that your beard is dry before you start using the trimmer. Always trim against the hair growth and ensure cutting the beard with gentle strokes to avoid nicks and cuts. Set the trimmer to the longest length setting for overall trimming, define the neckline and trim the mustache.

Before using a pumice stone, first of all, soak it in warm water along with your feet to allow the stone and dead skin on feet to soften. Next, start using the stone on the feet by moving it in a circular motion. Rub the pumice stone with gentle hands to get rid of the dead skin and exfoliate the body. Once done, rinse the feet with plain water, dry them, and apply moisturizer for hydration. 

To get the perfect and long-lasting curls, always prep your hair before styling. Ensure that the scalp is squeaky clean and devoid of any grease and dirt. Apply heat protectant to avoid any hair damage due to heat. Next, use the hair curler with the right barrel size to create defined curls and pin the hair sections already curled while styling. Once done, unclip the curls and apply a hair spray to seal the look and allow the curls to stay bouncy for a longer period.

To get shiny, straight, frizz free, and tangled-free hair, using a hair straightening brush is a must-go. To get the most out of this brush, wash, and prep your hair first. Now allow some time to get dried fully before styling. Now take any regular hair brush, divide the hair into different sections and untangle the knots. Next turn on the straightening brush, allow it to heat up, and set a particular heat setting. Divide the hair into different sections and gently glide the brush on the surface and start straightening your hair.

Nail Filer is a beauty tool used for maintaining the uniform size of the nails and to give a salon-like finish to them. Nail Filer is often used in salons and during at-home manicures and pedicures. If you are often indulged in DIY nail care then you will need this tool for buffing nails and giving them attractive shapes and sizes. For smooth filing, use the filer in one direction only.

Temporary hair straightening done using a hair straightener lasts till the time you don’t wash your hair. Straight hair remains intact and long-lasting if styled properly and in sections. If you want to flaunt your straight hair for longer than usual, then always prep it well before using a flat iron. Get rid of all the knots, flyways, and tangles, and then move to straightening. Divide the hair into different sections and glide the straightener on one section at a time. Once done, seal the hair with hairspray and your mane will remain straight till you don’t wash it off.

 If you are using a hair straightener to straighten your mane then before this, always prep your hair. Making your hair ready before styling is a crucial step to protect the hair from damage and ensure the styling long last. Wash your hair using nourishing shampoo and conditioner and then ensure drying it fully before using anything else. Next, apply a heat protectant to ensure hair is saved from excessive heat damage and you are good to go for styling.

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