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Foundation Brush

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VEGA Foundation Brush creates a seamless and even finish by smoothly blending the foundation on the face. This Foundation Brush is extensively designed to be used easily and comfortably giving a flawless make-up look. This high-performance Make-up Brush provides optimum coverage and the soft and fine quality hair feels gentle on the skin.


Everybody has their preferred method for applying foundation. Some people devote significant time each morning to doing their make-up at the vanity, while others are satisfied to quickly dab it with their fingers. However, there is always more to learn in order to polish your technique with a make-up brush, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert. Use a VEGA foundation brush made with ultra-soft hair to facilitate the smooth application of foundation onto the skin. You can use this brush for all liquid make-up products. It blends the make-up and ensures that your make-up does not look cakey or washed up. Get your finest looks guaranteed with VEGA Foundation Brushes. 

What Sets VEGA Foundation Brushes Apart?

Getting your base ready with right amount of foundation is the first yet crucial step. And, the only way to ace your foundation application is to use high-quality brushes that are easy to handle and come packed with some amazing features as following:

  • Encourage Seamless Blending
  • Super-Soft Bristles
  • Brush Made of the Highest Quality Hair
  • Guarantees Flawless Make-up Application
  • Highest Level of Make-up Coverage

How Should You Apply Foundation With VEGA Foundation Brush?

STEP 1: Pour some liquid foundation over the VEGA Foundation Brush.

STEP 2: Apply foundation to your face using circular movements, beginning in the middle of your face and going outward until it is completely blended in.

STEP 3: If you are using a cream foundation, continue dipping the brush into the cream and applying it using the circular buffing motion. Beginning from the middle of the face is excellent since it is often where most of the redness is located.

STEP 4: Proceed with the circular buffing motion to the areas where you want the foundation coverage to be the most noticeable.

STEP 5: You should have very little product left on your brush by the time you reach your hairline and jawline. Be careful to mix the product along your jawline at all times to avoid any skin tone differences.


For applying liquid foundation with convenience and precision, a flat-shaped foundation makeup brush is ideal. This shape offers better control and provides full coverage.

Yes, using a foundation brush ensures a smooth finish for your applied foundation. These brushes glide easily on the skin, offering high coverage while using minimal product.

A blending brush or blender typically features a smooth and soft surface, whereas a foundation brush has bristles. Individuals with dry skin are advised to use a blender to avoid potential skin irritation.

Your choice of foundation brush should align with the type of foundation formula you prefer to use. For instance, opt for a flat-shaped foundation brush for liquid foundation and a fluffy foundation brush for powdered products.

Always dab the foundation onto your face, whether it's in powder or liquid form. Avoid rubbing the foundation on your skin for the best application.

To maintain skin hygiene and prevent the risk of bacterial buildup and infection, it's advisable to wash your foundation brush every 7 to 10 days.