About Us

Welcome to the World of Personal Styling and Grooming!

VEGA is a bright star in the universe. True to its name, VEGA is one of the leading Personal Care Appliance and Beauty Accessory brands in India. A pioneer of At-Home Styling, we continue to deliver a contemporary approach to your head-to-toe grooming needs with an emphasis on efficiency and ease of usage.

We are a one-stop-shop for ‘head to toe’ beauty tools, having an unparalleled range of Hair Brushes, Combs, Hair Stylers, Makeup Brushes, Sponges, Pedicure & Manicure Tools, and possibly everything for all types of hair/face/body grooming needs.

VEGA isn't just a name but, our core values prevail in it. While V stands for Value for Money, E is for Excellent Range, G depicts Great Quality, and A delivers the idea of being Always Ahead.

Today, when everyone around us is so meticulous about their personality and appearances, we believe it's the power of feeling wonderful that fuels ambition and gives you the never-fading confidence. Walking ahead with the same perspective, our aim is to pamper your personality and turn you to the best version of yourself. We consistently mark the importance of being self-reliant and make our consumers ‘Atmanirbhar’ with our DIY range of innovative products.

Our wide array of head-to-toe beauty tool champions gives you a salon-like look with the ease of being at your home. At VEGA, we understand what the women and men of today expect to enhance their personage, and thus we continuously strive to come up with products that ease-up the life of our consumers and make everyday getting-ready rush easier.

With 500+ SKUs and counting, VEGA takes pride in being the catalyst in your styling and grooming regime.