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A Beginner's Guide to Use Vega Manicure Tool Set at Home

A Beginner's Guide to Use Vega Manicure Tool Set at Home

Manicure to beginners might sound like a mountainous task but the reality is actually contradictory. Manicure is pretty easy and comforting task to do at ease of your home. Some how we always end up at the salon for manicure that leads to unnecessary expenditure and time. High time that we learn these little pampering and care that can be done right at home without spending a bomb or wasting much time. Although, some preparations are important to take into account but the steps are pretty easy to begin with. This blog will guide you step by step to use a manicure tool set right at home without any hassle.

The Vega manicure tool set comes with - Nail Clipper, Nail File, Buffer, Cuticle Trimmer and Pusher, Tweezer and Cuticle Scissors for a salon like manicure at home. Let us list down the usage of each of these tools for your convenience.

1. Wash your hands properly

Wash your hands with a mild soap and water before beginning the procedure. Make sure the soap has some moisturizing value to it. Next, use a fingernail brush to scrub under your nails. In case you don’t have a fingernail brush, go for an old toothbrush.

2. Trim you nails


The nail clipper provided in the kit is a tool to trim and shape your nails the way you like. Use it to trim down long and uneven nails. Clippers are a faster and easier way to maintain your nails at the desired length. Clipping your nails in the standard round, oval or square makes it easier for you to file them. Make sure to wash and dry the nail clipper before putting it back to avoid nail infections.

3. Push back small cuticles

Use the cuticle pusher to gently push back cuticles. Use the flattened end of the stick to push the cuticles back starting for the middle of the nail. Make sure to wash your hands, as this makes the cuticles softer and easier to get back to place. Dip your hands in soapy water or luke-warm water for better removal or push of cuticles.

4. Cut the thick cuticles

Sometimes the cuticles may appear thick and glaring requiring us to cut it as it looks untidy. Use the cuticle trimmer or cuticle scissors to cut cuticles or hangnails that are ejecting out and are easy to cut. Watch for the skin, as it might cut if not done carefully. Immediately after use, wash the trimmer or scissor in soapy water and let it dry. This kills any bacteria that’s left behind.

5. File at last

Use the filer in the end to smoothen out edges. While filing, go in one direction. Filing back and forth could result in splintering of nail. Start filing from the edge of the nail to the centre. Next use the buffer to smoothen over the ridges of your nail and provide a plain surface to paint your nails.

6. Clean your hands


For the last step, wash your hands and remove any nail dust. Dab it dry and use cuticle oil moisturizer to massage gently in and around nail beds. In order to make sure no residue is left, soak up your hand in a soft tissue.

For the last step, apply a transparent clear base coat on your nails. Base coat prevents your nail from discoloration and also allows nail polishes to stay longer. As soon as it dries, apply your favorite nail paint.

Vega manicure set is one of the most handy kit that you will find for your nail care. Affordable and travel friendly, this kit is our best choice for people who doesn’t like hopping parlors for minor inconveniences. Yes, you can absolutely do everything right at the comfort of your home. Be it hair styling, facial or even manicure.