Ace Your Beauty Base with VEGA Foundation Make-Up Brush

Ace Your Beauty Base with VEGA Foundation Make-Up Brush

While applying make-up, choosing the right shade of foundation is the first thing that lingers in our mind but using quality make-up brushes is the last thing to strike our mind. Foundation application is not a tricky job however the way you use the make-up tools determines the result which can either be a flawless finish or an unpolished look. Learning how to use a foundation make-up brush for women makes your skills polished and your make-up turns out to be seamless and long-lasting.

Applying make-up is a serious ritual for all beauty lovers and they swear by the right type of make-up brush for each product they use. And when it comes to applying foundation, using high-performance VEGA Make-up brushes pick products nicely and evenly distribute them all over the face. The soft bristles are gentle on the skin, offer maximum coverage and the entire range of foundation brushes is suitable for applying all types of foundation- creamy, liquid foundation or any other powder-based make-up. 

Simple Steps to Use Foundation Make-Up Brush

Prepping the Face before Applying Make-Up 

Before you begin your make-up process, it is important to prepare the face with the right skincare to ensure make-up products long last with a crease-proof base and even finish. To create a healthy canvas for the beauty base, wash your face well with a mild cleanser and pat dry using a clean towel. Now apply a lightweight moisturizer or cream to the face for providing the required hydration to the face. Now after basic CTM, begin the base make-up by applying face primer to blur the visible pores that are solely responsible for making make-up creasy.

Apply Foundation on the Face 

Foundation is responsible to provide base make-up to the face that looks seamless and smooth. It’s the make-up canvas which we build that requires the right technique and tool which can come only with the right foundation shade and brush. Certain spots on the face need to be covered and for that; apply foundation only in those areas to cover the blemishes. To avoid the foundation settling in the crease area, take a small amount and spread it on the areas to be covered. 

Start Using the Foundation Brush 

If you are someone who needs better coverage, a perfect finish and don’t want the base make-up to turn into patches and cakey, use VEGA foundation brush for blending the product. Always be sure that your brush is clean and that there is no product build-up from the last time. Start dabbing the brush in a circular motion and blend the product all over the face till you don’t achieve a seamless finish. Another method is to dip the bristles of the brush in the foundation directly and start applying the product on the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks and the bridge of the nose. 

Stick to the “Less is More Theory

To spread the product across the face in equal proportion, take an only small amount of foundation because lesser the product more is the coverage. If you take too much of the product on the brush, the make-up layer will end up becoming cakey and start feathering after some time due to sweat. Begin from the center of the face and blend the product towards the outer area. For the most natural finish, blend the foundation or concealer in the paint-like strokes. The dense bristles help in buffing and blending without creating any streaks. 

Use a Make-Up Blender for Extra Smoothness

For giving your face an extra dose of smoothness and natural touch, use a damp Make-up Blender to further blend the product. Using a slightly wet sponge does not soak up extra product and builds the layer of foundation without creating any creases or lines. This hack will give you more control to pat the product evenly in the face. 

Don’t Forget to Clean the Brush after Using

After you finish doing the make-up, don’t forget to clean the brush which is extremely important to keep the skin-related issues away. If ignored, the build-up of product residue tends to damage the skin if you use dirty brushes to apply make-up again and again. To get rid of the entire gunk, soak the brushes in lukewarm water and scrub the bristles with gentle hands to clean the dirt. Rinse the brush with clean water and let it dry before using them next.

Just dab and blend the product evenly using a foundation brush and flaunt your everyday make-up look.