Amazing Benefits of Using Wooden Hair Combs for Daily Styling

Amazing Benefits of Using Wooden Hair Combs for Daily Styling

Having happy and healthy hair is not only limited to using hair care products but also to the kind of hair combs that you use. Caring for hair comes naturally to us because this is one such physical attribute that shapes our appearance. You can use all the expensive products and ingredients, but if you don’t understand the texture of your hair and the styling/grooming needs, you won’t be able to find the solution. While we try to add different things to add volume and shine to the hair, one area that we miss out on is the type of hair comb or brush we should use.

Believe it or not, using any random hair comb to groom or style your hair is one of the biggest mistakes we make to ruin the mane. And that’s why to avoid hair concerns like hair breakage, and hair fall, a wooden comb comes out with its fair share of benefits. Through this blog, we are going to discuss a few of the benefits to help you make an informed decision about hair care and use of wooden comb.

Top Reasons Why Wooden Hair Comb is Better for the Hair

Less Hair Breakage

While combing hair, it seems to be pretty simple right? However, what matters is the effect on the hair due to the combing and styling. One of the most common hair woes that we all go through is hair fall which leads to thinning of hair. To get rid of it, make a conscious decision to switch to a wooden hair comb. They feel gentle while combing and ensure scalp massage and take care of the fragile hair without tugging or pulling. Regardless of your hair type, a wooden hair comb glides smoothly on the hair with rounded tips and the massaging effect stimulates natural oil resulting in adding luster & volume to the hair.

Avoids Dandruff on the Scalp

Dandruff and flaky buildup in the scalp is a common hair affliction that impacts hair growth a lot. A simple way to switch to an effective way to get rid of the flaky substance on the hair is using a wooden hair comb. Dandruff is caused due to scalp irritation and using the smooth rounded tips of a wooden hair comb glides smoothly, avoiding any nicks and cuts. It also distributes the natural oil on the scalp evenly which is also one of the strong reasons that decrease the possibility of dandruff.

Prevent Hair Tangles and Knots

If you don’t use the right hair comb, it tends to create tangles and knots towards the end of every stroke. And that’s why investing in wooden comb online proves better because they slide smoothly through the hair texture, detangling hair knots seamlessly without tugging or pulling the strands. The wider bristles made up of smooth rounded tips aid in painless combing that not only eliminates the frizz and tangles but also adds the much-needed shine and luster.

Aids Hair Growth and Bounce

For those girls who crave thick and long hair tresses, they should try using a wooden hair comb. This is because, the use of a wooden hair comb, improves the blood flow of the scalp which results in boosting the growth of hair follicles. It removes the buildup of sebum from the scalp and boosts the hair volume making it bouncy. When you use a wooden hair comb regularly, together this will lead to a healthy bounce to your hair.

Tips to Clean Wooden Hair Comb

  • Cleaning the hair comb for maintaining the health and hygiene of the hair becomes important. It avoids damage to the hair and the scalp. To begin with, apply some petroleum jelly on the bristles and leave it for some time.

  • Moving on, take a clean soft cloth and wipe off the bristles to get rid of the dirt buildup.

  • Use a pointed object to remove the dirt properly in between the corners of the teeth.

  • Avoid using water to clean the wooden comb as it can ruin its quality.

And that’s how incorporating the use of a wooden hair comb in daily hair styling and grooming will help to keep your scalp and hair roots in the best condition possible. In case you are still confused regarding the choice of hair brush to use, get Vega Wooden Hair Comb today!