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An Easy Take on Blow Drying Tutorial Exclusively for Men

An Easy Take on Blow Drying Tutorial Exclusively for Men

From a decent simple hair cut to stylish side cuts, when it comes to flaunting hair styles, men aren’t short of any. Gone are the days when they used to head to basic hair route by neatly parting the hair for the rest of their lives. For every guy, there’s always a fresh new look that he can try and get it done in salon. And just like girls, even men face the wrath of bad hair days sometimes and nobody can rush to salons immediately every time they struggle with hair. And exactly why learning to blow dry your own hair at home gives you liberty to do your own hair without any professional help. 

A good hair drying machine is such a game changer in turning up your mane game! All it takes is few steps to transform your hair knots in fresh from salon look and some good blow drying skills. And to master this art, every guy needs a handful of things- a hair dryer, suitable hair brush and some other hair products. Scroll down to know how to plug in your hair dryer and use it in right way to achieve dope hairstyles for everyday look. 

Basic Steps for Every Guy to Blow Dry Hair At Home

Let the Wet Hair Get Dry

The first basic rule for male hairstyling is to prep your hair for getting long lasting hairdo. Before using any type of heat on the hair, it is important to ensure that your hair is freshly washed and free from oil and dirt. Next, show some patience and towel-dry the hair. Most often we find the guys in a jiffy and they start blow drying as soon as they are out of shower. But for starters, towel-dry your mane or else blow drying extremely wet hair will take longer time to dry and also damage the roots.

Apply Hair Serum 

Before you begin blow drying your hair, men should apply hair serum in their mane to combat the frizz and knots. A lot of hair experts also recommend using serums and special hair oils on those days you wash the hair. If a guy has hard hair and some unmanageable hair knots and frizz, never skip this step as it provides with smoothness and protection against heat damage. You can either apply it on damp hair or after towel drying your mane to lock in the moisture. 

Use a Hair Brush to Detangle the Knots

Men with shorter hair don’t have to worry about their hair being knotted. Still the hair turn into tangles right after the shower hence after washing hair or before styling, use a paddle hair brush to detangle as many knots you can. Lesser the frizz better is the blow drying results thus move your brush in small strokes picking the ends first and then moving further to the roots. 

Start Blow Drying One Area at a Time 

Now here comes the real deal! Take a small section of hair near the roots, twirl the round hair brush upwards and then in backward direction as you pull through. But remember to take one area at a time to use the heat as it is the only way throughout to achieving the absolute blow dried hair look. Run the dryer on medium heat and keep it away from the roots to avoid the scalp feeling hot. To give a finished look, later try to rub your fingers through the hair.

And that’s it guys! You are ready to flaunt your kickass hair look with just few basic tools in hands