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Beauty Products for an Effortless Skincare Routine at Home

Beauty Products for an Effortless Skincare Routine at Home

Skincare routines can be tough unless you have the enthusiasm to enjoy the process. Of course, there is no such thing as the perfect skincare regime as each skin differs from one another. A lot of factors need to be considered to attain the natural glow of skin along with ensuring it’s healthy and free from side effects. Using a series of products to achieve that glow isn’t necessary when you have the right tools and dedication to undergo a skincare routine. With a few basic skincare tools and accessories, you can flaunt beautiful skin every day.

Step-by-Step Guide Using Beauty Products for an Easy Skincare Routine 

You can find thousands of skincare tips online that offer a list of skin products to use for glowing and hydrated skin. However, not every individual is comfortable exposing their skin to chemicals that can be found in many of these products. Hence, the best and safest way to take care of your skin is by using accessories with a few DIY tricks that have no chemical contact of any sort. Scroll down to find a step-by-step guide to using a few beauty products for an effective skincare regime at home:

Step 1: Clean your face to remove dust, dirt and more


The first and foremost thing to do when starting a skincare routine is to ensure that you have a clean face. Without removing the makeup (if you apply it) and the dust that gets accumulated on the skin after a long day’s exposure, you cannot allow your skin to breathe. To clean your face, here’s what you can do:

  • Take a soft and 100% natural Cotton Pad and add a few drops of your usual cleanser or makeup remover.
  • Gently go around your face as you clean the different areas, including under the eyes, cheeks, forehead, lip and neck.
  • Once done, wash your face with your daily face wash and towel dry.

Step 2: Quick steam, unwanted bump removal and exfoliate

Once you are done cleaning your face, use a steamer for a quick steam. This process is ideal for opening the pores of the skin which makes it easy to remove unwanted face bumps like acne, blackheads and more. Taking a steam of 7-10 minutes at least once a week also hydrates the skin and increases blood circulation. Once done, use a blackhead remover tool to gently extract the black and white heads. You can use the round section to extract the blackheads and use the pointed area to pick out the stubborn ones that do not come off easily with the round area.

Once done, exfoliate your skin with VEGA 3-in-1 Facial Cleanser which features two silicone brush surfaces for cleansing and exfoliation. The facial cleanser that deeply cleanses the pores, exfoliates the skin and massages the skin for radiant glow. It also comes with:

  • 3-in-1 operation for cleansing, exfoliation and massaging
  • Sonic vibrations technique for cleansing
  • 10 adjustable vibration speed settings
  • Hypoallergenic-Food Grade Soft Silicone Bristles
  • Smart auto-timer for automatic turn off after 90 seconds

Step 3: Use a Rose Quartz Facial Roller for supple and healthy skin


The third step is to relax the skin using Vega Rose Quartz Facial Roller that’s handy and the perfect skincare tool. The roller relaxes the skin while giving you a cooling sensation. A quick roll on the neck and face will also relieve you from stress, along with increasing lymphatic drainage to brighten your skin tone and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles to an extent. You can use it for 5-10 minutes once or twice a day to see visible results. Here’s how you can use the roller and create a soothing atmosphere for yourself at home while doing so:

  • Clean your rose quartz facial roller with a damp cloth.
  • Add 1-2 drops of your daily face serum on the wide end of the roller.
  • Now, slowly roll the roller on your face in upward and outward strokes.
  • Follow the strokes on your neck area as well along with areas you have sore muscles.  
  • Use the narrow side of the roller on delicate areas such as under your eyes.
  • Clean your rose quartz face roller again with a damp cloth and ensure to store it in a cool and dry place.


Your skin will thank you when you religiously get a skincare regime done every day. You do not require spending thousands on products. Invest in these products mentioned above and you are good to go for a couple of months. So, fill your cart now and start your journey for healthy & glowing skin!

Happy Shopping!