Blend like a Pro: Only Makeup Brushes That You Need

Blend like a Pro: Only Makeup Brushes That You Need

Blend like a Pro: Only Makeup Brushes That You Need

One golden rule that every make-up lover should swear by is ‘buy the best that you can afford. This implies to make-up brushes too! Make-up that looks flawless even by using inexpensive products is only possible if you use the right brush to apply the products. These magic brushes are like the powerhouse of any vanity box because this is how you can spot the difference between a perfectly blended make-up and a cakey or patchy look. To ace a dewy and full glam look, or minimalistic make-up, a good quality make-up brush is the secret to ace creative make-up ideas. Make-up brushes are designed keeping the different beauty products in mind and you need certain brushes that take care of all your make-up needs. You might be amazed to know that there are brushes literally for every part of the face but today we are going to talk about those that you need for day-to-day application. Hence to make things easier for you, we have put together a definitive guide to basic ones to help you level up the make-up game.

Make-up Brushes to Add to your Beauty Kit for Acing the Blending Game

Foundation Brush

From enthusiastic make-up beginners to aspiring beauty influencers, this beauty hero has a lot of importance. Just like the thick paint brush which is used to cover the canvas while painting, foundation make-up brush does the same by giving the required coverage while applying foundation. The bristles of these brushes pick the product efficiently and blend equally all over the face. For the optimum coverage of base make-up, having a foundation brush is highly recommended.

Powder Brush

A very obvious question that lingers in the mind of make-up hoarder is why do they need a make-up brush for powder? These make-up brushes are made of long fluffy bristles for evenly distributing the loose powder on the face that sets the layering of foundation and concealer. These brushes come to the rescue for setting the make-up, absorbing excess oil from T-zones along with adding matt finish and shine to the face. Moreover, this is the easiest brush to use. Simply dip the brush in the loose powder, tap off the excess product and sweep on the entire face.

Eye Shadow Brush

From glittery eye shadow to black kohled eyes, all the trending eye make-up looks can be aced with the help of Eye Make-up Brush. The evolutionary look of eye shadow enhances the face and adds an oomph factor to the regular makeup. From smokey eye look to subtle eyes, VEGA Eye Shadow Make-up Brushes are designed for precision results and perfect for applying and blending the colors in the crease area.

Lip Filler Brush

One swipe of your favorite lipstick can make you look attractive and pretty both at the same. And to apply your lip shade with perfection, you need a make-up brush with a pencil-like wand and soft bristles. The pointed tip of the Lip Make-up Brushes provides optimum control and results in even and smudge-proof lipstick application. They are perfect for outlining and detailing the lips, even application of the color and making them long-wearing.

Contour Brush

Another regular make-up brush to add to your beauty stash is, Contour Make-up Brush which holds the responsibility to seamlessly blend the contour product and add the right dimension to your face. Contour Make-up Brush features soft hair and a custom curved brush head that provides flawless definition and accentuated cheekbones. It is completely suitable to use with cream, liquid and powder products.

Blush Brush

Meet the Blush Make-up Brush that adds a flush of color to your make-up. Just a few swipes and it make the face look healthier, youthful and fresh. This fluffy brush offers a smooth blending of all types of blushes along with better coverage. Lightly dab the brush into the blush and apply it to the apple of the cheeks. Using brushes promote the subtle art of applying blush and lets you explore different ways of application be it uplifting the face to creating a sun-kissed look or enhancing the cheekbones.

Now that you know the purpose of every regular make-up brush, get them soon and try gorgeous make-up looks every day.