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Straight and sleek hair that remains in its original position is every girl’s unanswered prayer to God. The world might still be going gaga over shiny and smooth and straight texture but let’s just be honest with ourselves; curls make us turn heads! Thin and non-voluminous straight hair looks heavy if curled with a hair curler. However, God’s favorite child would forever be that girl with original curls. However, we are more than obliged to have hair curlers in the parallel space that help to get instant curls. It might seem daunting for every mediocre hair enthusiast to get the right curls using hair styler but this blog is surely going to make things easy for everyone who is a sucker for shiny curls. Not just one but we are giving you four curly hairstyles that you can get using VEGA Hair Curler that is here to save your day!

VEGA Hair Curler: One Hair Styler, Different Curling Styles

Spiral Waves

How much hair styling is too much styling? Well, there is no definite answer to this question; however, it is possible to give your artificial curls a natural look that will surely give a mystery check to your admirers. Spiral waves will style your hair and leave a natural texture that will make your hair look like natural curls. And how to get those natural curly locks, well just take your VEGA hair curler and wrap the strands for not more than 10 seconds and you are all set to flaunt your spiral waves.

Ribbon Curls

Ribbon curls are a universal favorite to seal any day function. You can confidently carry this curl look with a traditional dress like saree. You can easily get these curls at home itself if you know the skill. Just take the curler and wrap a small section of hair to ensure getting neat curls. Now hold the curling iron vertically and set the hair free by slowly sliding the curler to the end of the hair tips after few seconds. Repeat the process for each section and you will get the ribbon curls.

Soft Curls

A dinner date with bae or shopping spree with girlfriends on a bright sunny day, soft curls works for all such similar day plans. Also, men simply get all the romantic vibes from girls having gorgeous soft curls; hence you can simply take this risk on a date with your guy! You can get these soft curls by simply wrapping hair around a curler for not more than 3-4 seconds and setting them together with a hair spray. You can even use a hair roller to pin hair strands for these soft curls.

Ringlet Curls

If ringlet curls get a mention, Kangana Ranaut strikes our mind. Ringlet Curls got affirmation from girls by getting inspired by this extremely talented actress who has aced the game of ringlet curls as her style statement. And now you can get this quirky look by simply using a thin hair curler and taking small strands each time. Twist from top to tip and wrap the twisted hair strands around the curling iron in the same direction. And you are all set to be the girl with curls using VEGA Hair Curler that has a ceramic coating, different temperature settings, and a 360-degree swivel cord to enable hair curling in any position.

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