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Curly Hair Alert: Everyday Hair Care Tips to Get Healthy Looking Curls

Curly Hair Alert: Everyday Hair Care Tips to Get Healthy Looking Curls

Dear girls blessed with naturally curly hair, how it feels to be in the spotlight among the majority of people roaming around with straight or wavy hair? While girls with coily hair texture get all the attention in the world and compliments for their unique hair locks, it is equally dreading to manage them. The definition of a good hair care routine for curly mane includes a consistent washing routine, brushing away the knots, and precise styling. Using the right products and hair styling tools can amp up the curly hair care game and bring back good curly hair days. 

Curly hair has a reputation for being the hardest hair type to manage. However contrary to this belief, curly hair can easily be managed at home if you follow the right routine. This blog has all the tips from styling to caring for making living with curly hair manageable. The styling tricks mentioned in this blog will make you fall in love with your hair and you can get gorgeous-looking ringlets without splurging on salon bills or over-hoarding expensive products. 

How to Care for Naturally Curly Hair in Easy Steps?

Make Sure to Detangle the Curly Hair Locks 



Detangling stubborn knots and flyways can be a tedious task, especially in curly hair. It is however the most important step towards keeping the hair healthy and strong. For getting damage-free curls, make sure to use a hair brush for curly hair or a wide teeth comb as curly hair tends to get knotted more frequently than normal hair. To make it all smooth and easy, begin the detangling process is in the shower itself. Use a deep conditioner for adding a coat of smoothness to the hair and distribute the product evenly using a shampoo comb. Always work in sections to ensure the tangles loosen smoothly. 

Avoid Overwashing the Hair 



Generally, curly hair is very prone to being dry hence it is advised not to overwash curly strands. These days shampoos consist of excessive chemicals and if you wash hair more than needed, it will open up the cuticles and strip the hair of its natural oils which will dry the hair even more. Thus less you wash, the better! Depending upon your scalp type (greasy or normal), washing hair once every three days is sufficient. If you see your curly mane turning frizzy or tough to manage, you can try different hairstyles in form of braids and ponies using VEGA Tail Comb which is used for creating stunning hairstyles, and sectioning within seconds. 

Use a Diffuser to Dry the Hair Locks 



To save the hair from becoming frizzy and rough, be gentle while drying the curly hair. After the shower, let your hair dry naturally first. Avoid wiping the hair roughly with a towel because this directly affects the hair follicles making them weak and brittle. And if you are in a jiffy but don’t want to go out with damp hair then a hair dryer is your biggest savior here! For those in a rush, the diffuser attachment of the VEGA Hair Dryer can be used on low heat settings and style your hair with a nice blow dry. This hair dryer attachment helps to limit the direct heat and keep the curls in place. 

Use a Leave-in Conditioner 

Textured ringlets and coily hair need an extra layer of moisture to minimize the tangles and frizz. Hence simply using conditioner in the shower may not be enough. And that’s why it is highly recommended to use a lightweight leave-in conditioner for deep conditioning and smoothening the curls. You can use the intensive deep conditioning cream once a week while washing and helping your tresses to look their best without any salon service. 

If your curly hair has bothered you for the longest time, use this beauty guide to pamper your curly mane and watch people turn their heads in utter shock! This can be you only if you follow these simple tricks and hacks diligently!