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Hair Styling Tutorial to Get the Perfect Beachy Waves

Hair Styling Tutorial to Get the Perfect Beachy Waves

Beachy waves are one of those beautiful hairstyles preferred by many. It is an effortless hairstyle that offers a glamorous look and suits mostly all face types. It is the perfect hairstyle to don to parties, corporate events, family get-togethers and even daily to work. What’s even better? While this super elegant hairstyle may seem a daunting task to achieve, it is in fact pretty easy and simple. Of course, there are the right techniques and methods to get this hairstyle done. And if you follow them step-by-step using the right products for your hair, you are ready to slay the world, girl!

In this piece, we shall share with you a guided method to attain a beachy wave hairstyle that you can try at home. You need not hit the salon and burn your pockets or even dedicate several hours to get this look. Moreover, beachy waves aren’t just for those with long hair. It is the perfect hairstyle for medium hair and short hair as well. Now without delaying this any further, let us quickly take you to a guided tutorial on how to get the perfect beachy waves.

Step-by-step guide to master those beautiful waves

Follow this hairstyle tutorial and flaunt beautiful, elegant waves that will blow your (and everyone’s) mind!

Start with a hair wash and conditioning your hair




Washing your hair is the foremost thing to do before styling your hair, be it straight, curly or wavy. Many people wonder if this is really significant and tend to get their hair styled without bothering a wash. However, what makes washing hair significant is to be able to get the accurate result. It helps clean the hair off excess oil, dust and more that can make your hair look oily. Additionally, hair styling tools work the best on clean and fresh hair, minimising the chances of getting an uneven or distressed look.

Dry your hair completely before working on an appliance




There’s long been the debate about whether or not our hair should be dried before using a hair styler. Some believe that keeping the hair damp to use a hair styling device to create beachy waves will work its magic much effortlessly. However, experts recommend drying the hair completely before using a hot styling appliance. The best way to dry your hair is by using a hair dryer for women and men with moisture retention to perfectly dry hair and then use a styler to create beachy waves.

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Use a Hair Waver to Effortlessly Create Beachy Waves

To get beautiful beachy waves in just a few minutes that’s elegant and perfect, nothing works better than a hair waver. The VEGA I-Wave Hair Waver is from the exclusive VEGA Ananya Panday Signature Collection that features 0.63inch triple barrel design. Its quick heat-up makes achieving natural-looking waves effortless and absolutely easy. It also comes with ceramic-coated barrels that contributes towards an even heat distribution. Here’s how you can use the VEGA hair waver:

  • Untangle your hair using VEGA Paddle Brush after drying it completely
  • Once your hair is tamed, apply a hair serum especially on the roots to avoid frizz (optional)
  • Next, divide your hair into different sections using a hair clipper to conveniently style your hair
  • Use one section at a time to press the VEGA I-Wave Hair Waver for a few seconds from the top to end



Give your final touches to flaunt your stunning Beachy Waves

Once you are done with all the sections, use a hair spray to hold the waves for a longer time (optional).

And that’s about it! You can flaunt your beautiful waves anywhere and everywhere you like. Leave your hair open or you can also tie a high ponytail to match with your OOTD.

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