Easy to Follow Hacks to Achieve Bouncy Hair At Home

Easy to Follow Hacks to Achieve Bouncy Hair At Home

The right hairstyle plays cupid is transforming the overall look you carry on any day. We all love our hair being smooth, shiny, and tamed but with the right bounce and volume! However just like our mind, sometimes our hair also gets moody and becomes flat and greasy and totally refuses to give the right style finish. Despite the consistent efforts with hairdos and Hair Styling Tools, we are unable to get lustrous and bouncy hair that flips whenever you move your head. If you have tried all ways possible to add bounce to your hair but failed miserably then hang on! We are going to share the easiest and trending ways to make hair bouncy so that you can flaunt your hairstyle your way!

Instant Hacks to Make Hair look Thick and Bouncy

Part Your Hair in Opposite Side

Give your hair some change by breaking the monotony of the same hair sectioning pattern. Take the Hair Comb and switch your hair parting. This is the easiest and most common way to create an illusion of bouncy and thicker-looking hair. Sectioning the hair from the reverse side instantly changes the complete outlook of hair making it look fuller and fluffy. For the precise results, our best pick is VEGA Tail Comb with a long tail and head that is an all-purpose comb giving the right control to your styling.

Follow the Right Hair Wash Routine

To make your hair look thicker, start your week by shampooing your hair and stretching it without washing till possible. This trick works well by making hair look fuller from the roots if you don’t wash your hair very often. Moreover, always use a mild shampoo and conditioner to retain the softness of hair. Adding further to the list, never wash the hair the same day you plan to style them as it can strip off the natural oil from the roots.

Blow Dry Hair Upside Down

Blow drying the hair normally usually makes the hair look flat and smooth. But, there is an innovative way to give the fine hair a voluminous look by using the Hair Dryer in the upwards direction. Put the focus on drying the hair by running the fingers in the hair and pointing the nozzle downwards. Flip your head over and use a diffuser for quick drying.

Right Hair Brush is the Key

Gliding the Right Hair Brush on the locks is the next important step to create instant volume in the hair. For the best results, VEGA Round Brush is a magic brush that gives your hair the right bounce and tames the frizz. It gives the best results while blow-drying. Make sure to brush the mane on regular basis for smooth and tangled hair.

Use the Right Hair Accessory

It’s just not about the hair stylers but also the kind of Hair Accessories that you use for styling your hair. Putting a Hair Roller in the hair provides quick and effortless hairstyling mainly different waves and curl patterns. Using Hair Rollers in the crown area ramps up the volume and bounce in the hair. These rollers provide much-needed fullness to the hair. For the best results, use the hair rollers on freshly washed hair. Towel-dry the wet hair and blow-dry the excess water. Next, roll some inches of hair up to the roots mainly on the front area and crown for the bouncy boost!

These are the key secrets to the dream hair with the right bounce and volume! Must try these tips and let people stare in awe of you!