Facebook Pixel Festive Exclusive: Last Minute Styling Guide for Diwali Deck Up

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Festive Exclusive: Last Minute Styling Guide for Diwali Deck Up

Festive Exclusive: Last Minute Styling Guide for Diwali Deck Up

It is that time of the year again! That festive month with the winter season slowly unfolding the chills in the air turn everyone into the festive spirit. Yes, we are talking about the biggest celebration of the year which is Diwali! The Hindu festival Diwali, also known as the festival of lights is all about doing deep cleaning, decorating the house with lights, festoons, diyas, and putting on our best Indian clothes for pooja and family gatherings. Whether you are a college girl, intern, working woman, or a housewife, Diwali is all about unleashing the inner diva hidden inside and shining brighter than those diyas and crackers. 

Needless to say, it is the time to celebrate and get your glow on. From decorations to rangoli to lights, we make sure that everything is in place but often miss out to pay attention to our apparel and makeup. Dear ladies, if you still haven’t decided on your Diwali look then don’t worry. Don your favorite Indian outfit and pair it up with the right styling tools to bind the essence of festivities. Here are a few of the grooming and beauty tools to help you with pulling off the perfect, last-minute Diwali look to double the celebrations. 

All that You Need to Create Your Last Minute Diwali Look

Skincare is Essential 

Diwali brings out the hygiene geek within us and we all gather to deep clean and clutter our house. Amidst all of this, our skin gets exposed to all sorts of dirt, and pollution and gets dull. Hence to flaunt that festive glow, let’s begin with basic cleansing and skincare regime. You can start the process with basic cleansing and exfoliation. With the help of VEGA Facial Cleanser, lather up your face and start gliding the tool on the face. Cleansing tools are more effective to clean the debris of dirt on the skin along with dead skin cells. The silicon brush of VEGA Facial Cleanser creates sonic vibrations to remove dirt, oil , flaky skin and leaves behind glowing and youthful skin. 

Last Minute Glow before Makeup

With all the Diwali preparations in full swing, our skincare and beauty regime gets off track. And this is the time beauty tools like face rollers come into action and prove to be the most incredible way to step up the skincare regime. After you are done with your skincare, it’s time to add some pre-glow-up with facial tools. VEGA Rose Quartz Face Roller enhances the beauty game by massaging the face and neck area and releasing tension. It rejuvenates the skin, adds a youthful glow, and also decreases face puffiness. Moreover, it also promotes better blood circulation along with better absorption of makeup and skincare products. Hence if you are yearning for a better makeup look, do some early prep with this amazing face roller. Last but not the least, spare some time for the nails as well and groom them with the help of nail clipper.

Glam up with Right Makeup Brushes

What better than amazing Diwali pictures looking your best on a festive day? Whether you are a makeup pro or a newbie, using a wide assortment of VEGA Makeup Brushes will give you the best version of glamor and help you with getting dolled up with perfection. To get the perfect blend of minimalistic yet breathtaking makeup look, make sure to work on your base makeup using face makeup brushes, to pull off a gorgeous finish and have all eyes on you. Also to intensify your eye makeup, work on the blending part using VEGA Eye shadow Brush which is designed with soft bristles that pick and distribute the product seamlessly and blend multiple color shades with perfection. 

Don’t Forget the Hairstyle

In a hurry to look your absolute best using makeup, don’t forget the hair! To compliment your ethnic outfit and makeup, decide the hairstyle that you want to throw and start the preparation a day earlier. Give your hair a good wash using a gentle shampoo and conditioner so that the scalp is squeaky clean. Next, allow the hair to get dried partially and pull out your VEGA Hair Dryer to give a good blow dry to the strands. Once the hair settles down in its original shape and pattern, take a hair serum and apply it to the roots. The key to a gorgeous-looking hairstyle is the right heat styling tool to flaunt bouncy blow-dried hair, sleek and shiny straight hair, or fuller-looking curls. Pick your favorite hair styling appliance and style your hair step by step. Make required hair sections and glide the styling tool on one section at a time. 

And you are ready to shine like the brightest star this Diwali and make everybody turn their head toward you!