Get Clean and Soft Feet with the Correct Use of Pumice Stone

Get Clean and Soft Feet with the Correct Use of Pumice Stone

As a skincare enthusiast, we never miss out on even our bare-minimum skincare routine that revolves around basic cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. And likewise, it is also important to give equal attention to our feet as they are more prone to dryness, cracked skin, and dead cells. Having an ideal Foot Care Routine should be considered important as it keeps the feet soft, smooth and healthy. Dry feet can result in sore and cracked heels which are often painful and the best and easiest cure to this common feet problem is Pumice Stone.

Using a Pumice Stone to exfoliate your skin can go a long way to exfoliate dead skin cells, and removes calluses and corns leaving you with soft and cushion-like feet. On an everyday basis, we hustle to and fro which keeps us mostly on our toes, and hence these feet deserve all the comfort and care they need to function well. A Best Pumice Stone is the one that scrubs away the dirt accumulated in between toes, the layer of dead skin on heels. In short, it cleanses away every scrap of gunk collected on the feet giving that much-needed relief and supple skin.

What is the Right Way to Use a Pumice Stone?

Soak your Feet in Water

Gather a tub filled with lukewarm water and soak your feet for 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure the water and tub are clean and let the skin become loose and soft in the water. You can add shampoo or essential oils to the water for feeling better and allow your skin to become moist. This before preparation helps to make the rough skin supple so that it can be exfoliated without causing any pain.

Make Pumice Stone Wet

Till you are soaking your feet in warm water, soak the pumice stone in water as well till it is fully wet. Never use a dry or rough pumice stone on the skin as it may cause damage. Always soak it in water and then use it as it glides across the skin smoothly without causing any skin irritation. VEGA Pumice Stone cleans the soles and removes corns and calluses from the skin with ease. It can also be used to smoothen the hands, elbows, and knees.

Start Exfoliating

Remove your feet and stone from the water and pat dry your legs with a soft towel. If your skin feels soft and moist then you can start rubbing the Pumice Stone Tool on your feet. Start rubbing it in a circular motion with gentle hands. Remove the dead skin in small sections avoiding gliding it with a lot of friction as it can cause injury. Continue the process for a few minutes till most of the dead skin is removed. Focus on the areas like the heel and side toes by repeating the process once a week.

Clean and Moisturize

Once you have finished exfoliating, clean the feet with plain water and wipe with a towel. Add a foot cream or moisturizer in the At-Home Pedicure Treatment and apply all over the ski. This will make the skin soft and follow by wearing clean pair of socks that will keep the moisture locked in and avoid calluses.

Cleaning the Pumice Stone after Use

Make sure to clean the Pumice Stone thoroughly. You can keep it under running water and use any clean toothbrush to scrub it gently to get rid of covered bacteria. Repeat the cleaning procedure after every use.

Use these easy steps and pamper your feet at home to get those cushion-like soft feet using the Pumice Stone.