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Get Hold of VEGA Tweezer for Perfectly Shaped Brows at Home

Get Hold of VEGA Tweezer for Perfectly Shaped Brows at Home

It is a monthly ritual for every woman to go to salons to get her brows done. Bushy and undone eyebrows that outgrow often make the face look messed up, whereas perfectly shaped eyebrows change the total dynamic of the face. And just to cope up with these raised beauty standards of society; it has become more of a compulsory thing to get the perfect shape of the eyebrows that compliments the face cut. Maybe not every girl would want to go to the salon for personal care and in that scenario, Face Care Accessories comes to the rescue. And if you are a lazy person who’s always in awe of finding alternatives to personal care like getting brows done at home, VEGA Tweezer is there to help with painless eyebrow plucking as well as crafting the best eyebrow shape.

Steps to Get the Best Brows with VEGA Tweezer

Shaping your brow is not much of a hassle and requires a little perseverance. You just need to set hands with the Tweezer. VEGA Tweezer is of fine quality stainless steel along with a hand filed tip and non-slip grip handle. The tips of the tweezers are hand polished and so efficient that they remove all the unwanted hair. To get the same, here is what you need to do.

Brush the Eyebrows

Before you end up using the Tweezer directly on the brows, brush it up to find all the extra hair that has outgrown. Take the spoolie and brush the hair up. This way you can easily find out if there is any super long hair. VEGA 2 in 1 Brow Groomer and Tweezer is dually embedded with both Tweezer and brow combing comb that can be used for both plucking hair and brushing the brows.

Draw the Desired Shape with the Brow Pencil

Take any dark-colored brow pencil and draw the desired shape you want to have. Once you have outlined the shape, you can easily trim the extra hair or achieve the perfect arch in the eyebrows. Perfectly shaped eyebrows with arch give the eyes a more bewitching look.

Trim the Eyebrows if Outgrown

If your eyebrows have outgrown the normal size then maybe before running the Tweezer, cut down the extra hai. This way, you can trim your eyebrow with perfection. All you need to do is take the spoolie brush and drag the hair up. And if you find any extra hair whose growth is more then cut it down.

Tweeze the Hair under the Line

Observe your brows from close and notice if there is extra hair under the line drawn. To pluck all the hair with convenience, VEGA Tweezers have the finest quality stainless steel and hand polished tips. For painless eyebrow grooming, these tweezers are the best and can also fit in your make-up bag.

Few Tricks to pull off the Eyebrow Game

  • Decide which Tweezer is the right one for you.
  • Never pick any Tweezer that has a blunt tip or is too heavy to hold.
  • Let your eyebrows grow fully and then tweeze so that you get a pointed and crisp shape.
  • Always stand in front of a big mirror instead of holding the compact mirror to get a better view of the face.
  • Try to shape your eyebrows that suit your face shape or else it will not compliment your face structure.
  • Once you are done tweezing, apply some aloevera gel or moisturizer to avoid any redness.

Just follow these basic tips and pull off your eyebrow games like a pro!