Get Ready for the Festival of Colors with Pre Holi Beauty Rituals

Get Ready for the Festival of Colors with Pre Holi Beauty Rituals

There’s something about Holi, the festival of colors, that we all just wait to be complemented with colors, water splash, and special delicacies. It’s a colorful occasion to rejoice, especially when you are getting to enjoy a long weekend in the name of the festive holiday!

However, amidst all the festive joy, one thing you cannot overlook is your beauty regime. As much as we enjoy this festival, it is equally important to protect and care for your hair and skin. All you need is to give some extra care to your skin and hair by avoiding the aftermath of colors and prepping yourself with these simple DIY Beauty and hairstyling hacks before you get smeared in colors.

Pre Holi Skin and Hair Care Essentials

Go for Easy to Carry Hairstyle

While getting drenched in Holi color, hair is the first body part to be exposed. Though it is difficult to cover your hair or keep it away from getting smeared, you can still find a way to save your precious hair. Go for a quick hairdo that would look stylish and also keep your hair in place. You can simply straighten your hair and tie them into a high pony by sectioning your hair using Tail Comb.

Keep the Make-Up Simple and Subtle

There’s no Holi celebration without the splash of colors and water, and going overboard with make-up is a big-time mistake that most people do while attending Holi parties. Go for a medium coverage base using Foundation Make-up Brush for easy blending and finish with a hint of subtle lipstick to complete the look. This minimal make-up look is perfect for day Holi party and clicking Insta-worthy pictures.

Don’t Skip Your Skin Care

In awe of the festive mood, don’t forget to get indulge in the daily skincare regime. Holi colors contain chemicals and can clog the facial pores resulting in inflammation and rashes. Hence ensure to do the basic skincare with Facial Cleansing Tool that covers up all the 3 steps- cleansing, exfoliating and massaging. You can also take ice cubes and rub them all over the face. This DIY method works brilliantly to get rid of the colors on the face.

Protect Your Nail Cuticles

Along with hair and skin, prep your nails as well so that color does not harm the soft cuticles. To save you from the struggle of removing color stains on the nails, give your nails much-needed care. To keep colors away from the nails, trim them using Nail Clipper. You can also use Nail File to give them a nice shape and soak in lukewarm water to soften them followed by applying moisturizer. This will make cleaning the colors easy and quick.

And that’s all. Make your Holi colorful and joyous with these life-saving hacks and play with colors carefree!