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Ladies, let’s just be honest that we all love smooth, silky, and satin skin devoid of any hair strand, right? But the hustle to get that flawless skin is hard and the journey is not a bed of roses for those who fear waxing and shaving and the pain that comes like a complimentary dessert after dinner! Jokes apart, the best savior from painful waxing or rashes due to shaving is using trimmer that gives smooth skin; all thanks to VEGA trimmer.

After paving way through personal grooming and trimming, VEGA has come up with all in one trimmer for women giving them the freedom to explore and take care of their body hair without enduring any pain. Feather Touch 4- in- 1 Trimmer is the real fairy tale of every other girl who wants instant smooth and velvety skin that is as light as a bird’s feather!

Introducing Feather Touch 4 –in- 1 Trimmer for Smooth Trimming Experience

Now take the charge of body grooming in your own hands by exploring the versatility of Feather Touch Trimmer for women. This trimmer consists of 4 attachments, mainly a Foil Shaver, nose and ear trimmer, eyebrow trimmer, and hair trimmer. Whether it is Saturday jamming with friends at the local bar or a dine-out with bae, be confident to pick that knee-length dress you bought for such occasions and flaunt your legs or maintain personal hygiene by cutting off unwanted hair from nose and ear section.

This trimmer is one in all solution for personal grooming needs of a woman for which we spend a fortune in salons every month. One-time investment and cheapest way of getting rid of facial and body hair is just one click away and here’s why every woman should invest in it.

Salient Features of Feather Touch 4 in 1 Trimmer

IPX4- Washable

We are always looking for products that can multitask. And let’s just be honest a trimmer that can easily be used under the shower is so much convenient for daily use. 4 -in -1 Feather Touch Trimmer exactly works on the same mechanism as it is water-proof and can be used even under the shower. This trimmer guarantees no harm if exposed to water splash.

Full Chargeable in 8 hours

This trimmer is battery operated and gives a stable run time if charged for 8 hours straight. The 8 hours of charge times give the operation of 60 minutes which is enough to groom and trim all the major parts of the body. Also charging this trimmer is pretty much convenient with a USB cable.

Charging Indicator

If you are habitual of trimming your body parts regularly then obviously you need to charge the device back and forth. This trimmer comes with a charging indicator that helps to notify the user that the trimmer is in charging mode.

Ergonomically Designed

This trimmer is bestowed with a really beautiful design that makes it to use it quite convenient to hold and use. The main motive behind giving a functional design to this trimmer is for providing comfort to the users during usage.

And that’s all! Now celebrate your womanhood with this Trimmer and embrace your confidence!