Get To Know the Right Hair Brushing Tricks for Long Locks

Get To Know the Right Hair Brushing Tricks for Long Locks

Something as basic as brushing hair can get complicated if done right especially when it comes to long hair. While we do love having long and luscious hair, there’s always the care part that keeps us confounded. No doubt having a long and voluminous mane adds a touch of elegance and beauty to any look. Similarly keeping them healthy and soft is such a lot of work.

Wondering how to keep them healthy and happy? To make taking care of long hair locks as easy as the breeze, switch to the right hair brushing process. Although it seems too easy- pick up the brush, glide on the hair and repeat! But that’s not how it is supposed to be. Depending upon the type of hair you have-thickness, length and texture, the way you should approach the act of brushing matters. Don’t worry; we have got the complete hair brushing guide so that you can get super healthy and strong hair. Here are some tips that will make brushing hair smooth and easy for you.

How to Brush Hair the Right Way?

Divide Hair into Sections before Brushing

While brushing hair, most are worried about the result and don’t pay attention to the ways of doing it. The key to getting tangle-free hair without tugging and pulling lies in the power of hair sectioning. By sectioning your long hair correctly, it ensures every knot gets tangled without any hassle and makes further hair styling smooth and quick. If you want your hair to look good, the secret is to be patient and detangle one section at a time. Even while styling your hair using hair styling appliances, start from the crown area of the head and part the hair in two parts. Now make more sections depending upon the hair volume and detangle one section at a time. 

Avoid Brushing Hair More than Required

Generally, it is recommended to brush your mane twice a day, once in the morning and second at night before hitting the bed. To distribute the hair’s natural oil evenly and prevent the hair from any sort of damage, watch how frequently you brush your hair. The best time to brush away the flyways and frizzy knots are when your hair is slightly damp after a shower. And if you have a longer and thicker mane, detangling the locks thrice a day is maximum and sufficient. Using a Hair Brush Tool too often can damage the cuticles causing breakage and split ends. 

Always Use a Clean Hair Brush

No matter which kind of hair you are bestowed with, the golden rule says always use a clean hairbrush on your mane and clean them regularly. While gliding the brush from the roots to the tips, the scalp buildup gets collected in the bristles and if you don’t release them by cleaning, they settle down back in the hair using a dirty hairbrush. If left unattended, with time the dirty hair brush can become a breeding space for dust, germs and bacteria. Also, the clamp of hair stuck in the bristles leads to scalp damage pulling more hair from the roots on being used back

Brushing Wet Hair without Conditioning

Brushing damp hair before using a Hair Drying Machine for a fresh blow-dry is fine. But if you immediately start using the brush on wet hair right after a shower is not fine. Always keep in mind that wet hair is most fragile and prone to breakage. And still, if you wish to brush up the hair when it’s wet then never skip the conditioner while washing them. Using a conditioner helps in detangling the hair and keeps them smooth so that they don’t get knotted while brushing. You can also use a leave-in conditioner before using shampoo for eliminating frizz and tangles.

Use the Brush Gently and in the Right Direction

Brushing hair is indeed important but doing it the right way is even more important. If you have been brushing your hair from the roots to the tip then stop it right away because it will only lead to breakage and damage. The hair experts recommend using the brush on the tips first and then moving to the strands above in small sections. Use shorter strokes and glide the brush with gentle hands. This technique works efficiently at preventing unwanted hair problems and hair loss. 

No matter how you style your hair, always swear by the following hair bushing tips for a healthy and fuller-looking mane.