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Grooming Tips for Every Man: A Guide

Grooming Tips for Every Man: A Guide

There’s so much more to look on point other than just nice outfits and shoes. If you are a man and you love playing it cool at work, date night, or Saturday evening with friends, you have to buckle up in terms of personal grooming. If you have a busy schedule and can’t get time off for skin and body care then here are some easy to do DIY grooming tips that are easy to follow and will make you look well-groomed and attractive without many efforts.

Easy Grooming Tips to Follow in Daily Routine

Cleanse and Wash your Face Daily

While stepping out, our face often gets dirty and oily and a man’s skin is not an exception. If you feel your skin attracts oil, dirt, or sebum then ensure cleansing your face daily. To begin with face care, this is the first step in personal grooming and skincare. Before going to bed, wash your face thoroughly and dry it properly. Cleansing and washing the face regularly helps to clear the build-up skin for smooth and healthier-looking skin.

Trim your Nails

For maintaining personal hygiene, ensure keeping your nails short and trimmed. Trimmed nails leave a positive impression depicting your well-groomed personality. Whether you are a working professional or a student, trim your nails using VEGA Nail Clippers are designed ergonomically for safe and precise nail clipping. Meanwhile, you can also pamper your nails with the help of a DIY manicure using VEGA Manicure Tools and get rid of dead and flaky skin around the nail bed.

Trim the Nose Hair

Trimming the outgrown nose hair is also part of basic grooming and should be trimmed regularly. To avoid nose hair looking unappealing, ensure trimming hair using VEGA 10-in-1 EZY Multi Grooming Set. It takes hardly a few seconds to cut down the nose hair and provides a comfortable trimming experience. Make sure to trim down the nose hair at regular intervals removing and shortening the visible nose hair without hurting the delicate skin inside.

Trim the Beard Regularly

To get a well-groomed and attractive beard, one needs to trim it regularly. Looking after the beard on the regular basis helps to achieve a classic beard look and also prevents split ends, dryness and enhances the overall look of the beard. VEGA X3 Beard Trimmer is specially curated for all those beard enthusiasts who yearn to have a thicker and fuller beard. It comes with 40 length settings for the customized beard trimming and gives 10 minutes of operation in 5 minutes quick charging.

And that’s all! Now take care of your personal grooming regime at your fingertips with the help of the following ways.