Guide to Get Salon Like Blow-Dry At Home

Guide to Get Salon Like Blow-Dry At Home

You go to a salon and the hairstylist gives you a nice blow dry with hair feeling bouncy, voluminous, and soft. As you walk out of the parlor, you feel like a total diva and ready to take on the world. A fresh blow dry can lift any woman’s mood and make her feel confident and invincible. If you are wondering how to re-create this amazing hairdo sitting in the comfort zone of the home, here’s your personalized guide. Now ace that professional blow-dry look without stepping out, using your Hair Dryer. Bookmark these steps and enjoy a good hair day anywhere and anytime!

Steps to Create Salon like Blow-Dry At Home

Wash the Hair Before Blow Dry

Many people skip this step but this basic thing is the game-changer in how your hair turns out to be! The day you have an urge to play with your bouncy hair that is set for the whole day, wash the strands with a mild shampoo and conditioner using lukewarm water.

Towel Dry Your Hair

Let your wet hair dry to some extent and then start blow-drying your hair. Wet hair is often delicate and prone to breakage hence let it dry by wrapping it with a towel or any t-shirt. Once the hair is partially dry, begin with the blow drying process. Never use the VEGA Hair Dryer on extremely wet hair. Reach out for your hands in the strands while blowing air on the wet hair till it reaches the exact level of dampness.

Pick the Right Hair Brush

It is very important to use the right VEGA Hair Brush while blow-drying your hair. Use the concept of dividing the hair into different sections and then gently start detangling your hair depending upon the texture and thickness. Start gliding the brush on the hair along with drying and styling. Use the hairbrush to create waves, curls, or straighten the locks.

Finish off With a Shot of Cool Air

Once you are done styling your hair, seal the hair look with a shot of cool air. This helps to control the frizz and make the hair strands smooth and shiny. Finishing off the blow-dry session with cold air gives an extra volume to the hair and you are done!

Tips to Follow While Blow Drying

  • Avoid using a Hair Dryer on Wet Hair as it can cause more frizz. Make sure to towel dry your hair and then use heat.
  • Take some time and have patience while styling the hair. Divide your hair into different parts and don’t jump to the sections quickly for better results.
  • While styling the hair bangs, ensure using a hair brush to smoothen them and get rid of frizz. And that's all how you can give your hair salon like blow-dry and flip your locks happily all day!