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Washing the face and following a basic skin care regime is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle. Amongst self-care rituals, skin cleansing is the backbone of every skin care routine and maintains the everlasting glow of the face. For clear and radiant skin, we adapt to both DIY’s as well as salon treatment but now it’s high time to switch to something more feasible.

VEGA Cleansepro Facial Cleanser is another addition to the list of ever-growing skin care tools and is a must-have for every beauty and skin care lover. Having a Facial Cleanser in the grooming kit keeps skin care sorted and you can use it easily no matter where you are. VEGA Facial Cleanser makes cleaning the face much easier because of its compact size and various benefits adding value to your skin care routine.

Salient Features of VEGA Cleansepro Facial Cleanser

  • Sonic Vibration Technique for Deep Cleansing of Skin
  • 2 speed settings for exfoliation and cleansing
  • IPX 6 Washable
  • Removes make-up
  • Soft Silicon Brush and Cotton Pads for gentle cleaning and extra skin care.

Benefits of Using VEGA Cleansepro Facial Cleanser

Cleans the Face Efficiently

The foundation of every right skin care is a clean face. Whether you have to remove make-up or clean oil and dirt collected on the face. Facial Cleanser cleans the face deeply much better. To remove accumulated face impurities, VEGA Facial Cleanser works great by exfoliating the skin and cleansing the deep pores gently.

Exfoliates the Face

Gone are the days when you used to spend on facial and skin treatment in salons to look good. Having VEGA Facial Cleanser gives salon-like glowing skin sitting at home. This facial cleanser exfoliates the skin removing all the dead skin cells, piled up dirt in the deep pores, and gives fresh and rejuvenated skin. With the VEGA Cleansepro Facial Cleanser, you can exfoliate your skin daily and get a brighter and smooth skin texture.

Reduces the Size of the Pores

Skin Acne, pimples, or breakouts happen mostly if dust particles and pollutants are clogging the facial pores. Using a facial cleanser helps to clean all the contaminations clogging the pores. If there are build-up face particles on the face, the clogged pores appear bigger and result in skin-related problems. Use a facial cleanser for the deep cleaning of these pores and let your skin breathe freely.

Better Absorption of Skin Care Products

To make the skin care products penetrate better, you need clear skin. Nothing works better than a facial cleanser that cleanses and exfoliates the skin making it clear and free. Once the skin is clean and light, the skin care products absorb easily and show efficient results on the face. VEGA Cleansepro Facial Cleanser comes with a sonic vibration technique that helps to cleanse and exfoliate the skin and the soft silicon brush along with cotton pads prompts extra care of the face.

Ideal for Make-Up Removal

VEGA Facial Cleanser makes beauty regime easier by removing make-up, thoroughly cleaning the face. It removes even the last bit of make-up and provides utmost care to the skin making it clean and clear.

It’s high time to upgrade your skin Care Tools by adding VEGA Cleansepro Facial Cleanser in your tool kit and take care of your well-being.