Facebook Pixel Here's How to Do the First DIY Hair Cut Using Hair Clipper?

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Here's How to Do the First DIY Hair Cut Using Hair Clipper?

Here's How to Do the First DIY Hair Cut Using Hair Clipper?

While taking the charge of your haircut in your own hands can be empowering, it comes along with a lot of confusion and challenges as to how to use the hair clipper for a salon-like finish. Since the time of the pandemic, the number of people visiting salons and barbers has dropped eventually and a lot of people have turned to at-home hair cutting. For those beginning with the process of haircutting at home, a DIY haircut can become daunting if you are not aware of the right technique. 

If you are juggling with being your hair stylist at home, choosing a good hair clipper and being familiar with its usage can be challenging. Hence to make things easier for you, we have put together a quick and easy guide to cut your hair at home with a  hair clipper for men, exactly how the professionals do. With little patience, right techniques and by buying hair clipper, you can easily do the job of your regular haircutting while sitting in the comfort zone of home.

Beginner’s Guide to Using Hair Clippers At Home

Familiarise Yourself with Hair Needs

If it’s your first time using a hair clipper at home then spend some time getting familiar with your hair type and other needs. If your hair does not look healthy or shiny, and the tips and roots feel rough and brittle, then perhaps you are in dire need of a haircut. Giving your hair a regular trim once every few weeks can transform even the damaged and unhealthiest mane into something that looks nourished, smooth and lively. Thus before taking matters of your haircut into your own hands, examine what kind of haircut you want and if it is necessary at that moment or not.

Set up the Area for Hair Trimming

To begin with the process of hair trimming at home, first of all, gather all the essentials and find an area at home where you have access to a mirror to sit in peace and trim your hair. If you are trimming your hair indoors then make sure to sit on a high chair to be comfortable in front of the mirror during the hair-trimming process. Prepare everything from a hair clipper, sectioning comb, and a towel to cover the shoulders while hair falls after cutting. 

Prep Your Hair by Drying & Washing

After gathering all the essentials, wash your hair as usual by using light shampoo plus conditioner. When the hair is clean and smooth, it is much easier to cut & trim, and the blades of the clipper glide easily and cut your hair in different styles. If your hair is not washed or looks greasy, the clipper might not glide smoothly and as a result, you may not receive the desired hair look. Also once your hair is washed, use a hair dryer for men to dry the wet hair locks to avoid further hassles in the process of haircutting. 

Begin with Hair Cutting Process

Start with the sides of the hair and trim the mane against the direction of hair growth starting from the bottom and moving towards the upward direction. Now move towards the backside in the same upward direction and go over the same area if needed. For better analysis, use the mirror to check your back and work accordingly for further trimming process. To trim your hair from the front, you can use the tail comb to make sections and then trim along the line of the comb’s teeth. Give quick touchups to the hair if needed for getting a clean haircut look. For the best trimming results, one can use Vega X-Pro Hair Clipper for convenient & precise styling. 

Once done with the hair cutting process, you can let go of the towel and clean up your neck and shoulder area to get rid of the heap of hair strands stuck. Moreover, if needed you can wash your hair for more neat look and ensure cleaning the hair clipper to clean the gunk and hair stuck in between the blades. Whether you are looking for a quick trim or precise styling, VEGA Hair Clipper always has your back.