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Here's why Cleaning Make-up Brushes is An Important Part of Make-up

Here's why Cleaning Make-up Brushes is An Important Part of Make-up

As a make-up lover, make-up brushes are our beauty investments and we need to treat them with care, only then they long last and deliver the flawless makeup look.  We often ignore the need of cleaning brushes by skipping the deadline but this is an alarming sign because they create a home for bacteria and once they come in direct contact with the skin, they might clog the pores and make the skin dull. And even if you skip the skincare issues, applying make-up with dirty brushes that already is a carrier of make-up heap might ruin the look and products might not blend well. If you have ticked off the pending list with make-up brushes clean up this weekend, here’s why you should do it on a priority basis.

More You Clean Them Better is The Result!

More Cleaning Less Acne

Once home tired after a hectic day at work instead of jumping to the bed, usually we clean our make-up. Don’t we? Likewise treat your make-up brushes the same because if products can damage the skin with breakouts and acnes if not cleaned, then why not the brushes that come in contact with the products first? Next time you don’t want a swollen red pop up on your face; make sure to clean your brushes!

Savior for Sensitive Skin

Dark skin, fair skin or wheatish complexion, make-up is every girl’s, first love! Women with normal skin tone might not comprehend the pain of skin irritation or allergy but sensitive skin holders are always in deep water while applying make-up. Never in the wildest of thoughts, someone with allergic or delicate skin should try to use a dirty make-up brush because it might cause skin irritation and red patches. If you want to feel the softness of the skin with the layers of make-up, then make sure to use clean and soft brushes with supple tips.

Make-Up Brushes are Durable Enough

We can never be okay with the fact of burning hole in the pocket by investing in expensive make-up products all the time. And therefore if you have to shell out your hard-earned money on your cosmetics and brushes, use them judiciously to long last, and keeping up with the cleaning regime is the first step towards it.

Draws that Perfect Make-Up Base

Nothing can beat the magic wands of clean make-up brushes that outline the perfect make-up look. Hence if you are eager to outline that exemplary base, go for the clean brushes than the dirty ones. Dirty brushes are the biggest devil in ruining the make-up and if you don’t wish to look like a clown, then ensure to clean your brushes as dedicatedly as a ritual.

Happy Cleaning and trust the intuition, once you follow these tips, brushes would stick to you for a good one year or even more! For more defined look, VEGA brushes are more than convenient to create a make-up and even easier to clean-up.