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Hooded Eye Makeup Tips to Add to Your Routine

Hooded Eye Makeup Tips to Add to Your Routine

Hooded eyes are striking and beautiful. Not only do they appear bold, but they are much more expressive at the same time. However, just because of having small eyelids, hooded eyes can be slightly tricky to work with when it comes to applying makeup.

This is when the real problem turns up and even the greatest eye makeup tips don’t work effectively. In case you have hooded eyes that keep struggling to get the right makeup done, then there is something you wouldn't want to miss.

But before that, let’s try to understand what exactly hooded eyes are and if you have them or not. If you have skin folding down from your eyebrow to cover a part of your eyelid, making them less visible, it means that you have hooded eyes.

The following mentioned are five stunning eye makeup tips you can follow to create eye makeup looks worth turning-by:

  1. Use an Eye Primer

A makeup that doesn't stick to your skin is of no use. Especially in the case of hooded eyes, the big-time problem is the makeup tends to smudge due to small eyelids, which is why using a primer is essential. Including a silicone-based eye primer will take care of your creases and lines that you might have on your eyelid and will give you a smooth base to work upon.

  1. Apply a Thin Eyeliner

Who doesn’t love a classic winged eyeliner? But if you have hooded eyes, you need to be mindful of the way you apply your eyeliner. A good eye makeup trick is to go for a thin line to prevent it from covering your entire eyelid. A good beginner eye makeup tip could be to use a tiny eyeliner brush and line your eyes as close to your waterline as possible.

  1. Use Dark Matte Shades

One of the most effective eye makeup tips for hooded eyes is using dark matte eyeshadows. Using dark, matte shades on the outer V of your eyes while popping a bright shimmer in the inner corner makes your eyes look bigger. You can use a round blender brush to blend a dark brown or tan eyeshadow on the outer end of your eyes. A round brush will allow the shadow to settle more naturally on your eye and prevent it from smudging.

  1. Focus on Your Eyebrows

Having hooded eyes, gives you the chance of drawing attention towards the eyebrows. This is why it is important to fill and style them good too. You can get your hands on an eyebrow shaper to make sure you have well-shaped eyebrows every day and don’t have to rush to the salon every time you notice stray hair. Brow groomers and tweezers also come in handy to help keep your eyebrows perfectly tamed. 

  1. Curl Your Lashes and Skip the Mascara

One of the most common eye makeup tips is applying mascara to get fuller eyelashes. But making your eyelashes thicker will only take up more room on your eyelid. This is why it is best to skip mascara if you have hooded eyes. Instead, you can use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes and add drama without making your lashes denser. 

Always Go for Quality Makeup Tools

To follow these eye makeup tips efficiently and get the best results, it is important to get your hands on high-quality makeup tools. At VEGA, we have a wide selection of makeup brushes, eyelash curlers, and more to help you create gorgeous eye makeup-styles effortlessly. So, if you’re looking for ways to brighten up your hooded eyes, head to our collection and check out the exciting range of eye makeup tools.