How to File Your Nails Like a Pro

How to File Your Nails Like a Pro

Taking care of your nails is as important as taking care of your hair and body. You can easily promote good nail health however what makes the situation trickier is the nail filing part.

While the final upshot after getting your nails filed is pure bliss, the real strife lies in the process and this is why people prefer to get it done from a salon. But as they say, nothing is impossible, filing your nails like a pro is also possible if you hit the right front.

The next mentioned are a few nail filing tips to help you shape your nail like a pro just with the ease of sitting at home. 

  1. Don't File Back And Forth

It's time to forget everything that you have been told over the years on how to file your nails. Going back and forth in one direction is not the best way to file your nails or shape the tips of your nail. We suggest using gentle, fluid movements in a single direction until you have achieved the shape you want. Initially, it would be tough for you to make the right strokes however, as soon as your hands are set on the filer, things tend to get more fun and easier. 

  1. Use A High-Quality Nail Filer

Any manicurist would agree that an important tool for proper nail care is a high-quality nail filer. The main question is what defines a quality nail filer when there are so many options available in the market. Well, the answer is simple! Find a nail filer that lasts longer and can be easily washed and reused. Doesn't matter if you're shaping long nails or short nails, finding a high-quality nail filer is an essential tip you should follow. 

  1. File Outside-In, Stopping Halfway

It's time to concentrate on your movements once you've got a high-quality nail file. Imagine dividing the nail bed into two vertical parts. Use your nail file in gentle, smooth movements, starting at the outside of the nail and stopping right at the middle of the nail, instead of aimlessly swiping all over the nail tip. For the second half, proceed with the same movements. By doing this, you enable your nails to follow the natural shape and strengthen it, creating as little friction as possible.

  1. Don't Rush It

Slow and steady has always won the race. Similarly goes in the case of nail filing, you can't make a rush if you want to get it right. Put on your favorite music show in the background and enjoy the time with your own self. When you avoid making a rush, there are lesser chances of errors and nail breakage.

  1. Flick Under Your Nail for a Smooth Edge

Clean your nails by tucking the round edge of your nail file right underneath your nail tip to flick out any loose fragments once you've filed your nails. The difference between DIY and to-die-for nails lies in the simple finishing touch. Use some moisturizing cuticle oil, and you are ready to amp up your style quotient.

Don't forget that good thing takes time, care, and precision and so takes the nail filing process. All you have to do is crack the right method of doing it, and you will have the most coveted nails among your friends. Explore the VEGA DIY manicure & pedicure tools and beauty accessories today. Check out our online store and explore a wide range of products at great prices!