How to keep your feet clean and fresh in summers

How to keep your feet clean and fresh in summers

Your feet bear the entire pressure of your body throughout the day. Hence it becomes more of a responsibility on our part to attend to our feet and take some special care. Many of us neglect this part and as a result it develops dead skin cells and cracks up which eventually hurts. Moreover, constant exposure to dust and heat adds to the poor quality of heals overtime. All these factors make it compulsory to follow a foot care regimen at least once a week. In case you are wondering it’s a difficult task for you to follow, let’s explain how simple it is.

1. Use a foot scrubber

Using a Vega Foot Scrubber (4-in-1) or foot brush at least once a week helps you get rid of the excess dirt accumulated around your toe nails or your heel area. This foot scrubber comes with the benefit of foot brush, foot scrubber, black emery foot file and pumice stone, hence you get a holistic advantage. Open footwear like sandal may attract dirt and therefore it becomes imperative to follow a hygienic routine to allow your feet to breathe. Make sure to wear footwear that allows maximum ventilation in the hot season. This prevents odour and summer rashes from developing.

2. Add Pumice Stone to your daily foot care


Pumice Stone is a light-weighted abrasive stone that works wonders for foot exfoliation. Get Vega 2-in-1 Foot Smoother & Massager that come with pumice stone on both sides for easy exfoliation and a stimulating massage. It also features a plastic grip for gentle massaging on heels, foot and elbows. Focus on the sides of your toes and the dry areas of your feet that needs gentle exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells every day.

3. Vega Foot File For Natural Spa Treatment


Traditionally, foot files were only used as an essential part of pedicure, but with changing time and increasing at-home care of skin and health, foot files are also used for regular foot spa to get a natural smooth and glowing skin. Wash your feet in lukewarm water and pat it dry, gently rub Pink Emery Foot File on your feet to remove hardened dry skin. It’s a two-sided foot file that covers maximum area in minimum strokes. Moreover, it’s a foldable foot file and comes with a non-slip grip for convenience.

4. Nail clippers & Corn Cutters

Getting rid of unwanted toenails is of utmost priority. Uneven growth of nails lead to accumulation of more dirt. To avoid it, make sure to use Vega Nail Cutter for quickly getting rid of cuticles protruding out or uneven nails. Moreover, if your feet is prone to development of corns, you might want to store a Vega Corn Cutter for safely removing corns from feet before it becomes painful to bear.

5. Switch to at-home comfortable pedicure

Pedicure is an easy task and hence resorting to at-home pedicure for once a month is a great way to keep your feet look beautiful without any extra expenditure at the salon. Get your Vega DIY Pedicure Set that comes with 8 pedicure tools- Nail clipper, Cuticle pusher, Nail file, Corn cutter, Set of blades (5 pcs) attachments. Leave your feet nourished, fresh and thoroughly pampered all year long.

6. Moisturize daily with a thick lotion

Make it a routine to moisturize your feet right from the toe to the heel with thick moisturizing lotion. This soothes the skin and makes it heal overnight. Your feet are mostly blocked up in shoes and toe nails take the pressure of heels. These areas need special care when it comes to boosting hydration for proper function without wear and tear. You can choose to soak you feet in warm water for about ten 10 minutes to let the muscles relax prior to this exercise.

Following a foot care regimen is as important as taking care of your facial skin. Instead of delaying it every week and awaiting a salon professional, its best to get it done at home with no hassle. The diverse range of Vega Pedicure tools will help you keep your hygiene to yourself and safe. In case you are looking for a guide to follow an at home pedicure session, you must read this for a thorough step-by-step procedure.