How to Shape Your Eyebrows at Home

Discovering the perfect brow shape for your face is a game-changer. Achieving the perfect brows defines not only your eyes but also highlight your entire face. It is a stunning transformation. But, to perfect the intensely alluring look, it is essential to make sure that your brows get adequate care and maintenance.

While it is easy to turn to professionals for your eyebrows, you can easily shape them at home with the best tweezers for eyebrows. It only takes a couple of minutes to keep stray and unruly hair at bay.

However, if you are intimidated and unsure about taking matters in your own hands, follow the guide given below:

Step by Step Method to Shape your Eyebrows at Home

  • Tweeze Under the Eyebrows:

    The first step is to use your tweezers and pluck out the thick hair strands under your eyebrows.
  • Draw the Preferred Shape with a Brow Pencil: 

    Take a brow pencil, preferably a dark-colored pencil. And, then draw the shape you want the brows to be right under them.
  • Tweeze Below the Line:

    Now, carefully tweeze all the hair under the drawn line. Our Slant-Tip TW-03 tweezer is perfectly aligned to grab unwanted hair with ease and precision.
  • Trim the Extras:

    Use a mascara brush to brush your brow hair up and cut off any extra remaining long hair.

Aim to align the beginning of the brow with the center of your nostril. Also, the brow should follow the length of the eye but not extend into the temple area.

Things to Remember While Tweezing Your Brows

It is necessary to keep these pointers in mind for shaping your eyebrows perfectly and smoothly at home:

  • Know What You Are Plucking

Understanding which hair should be tweezed and which ones should be avoided makes all the difference when it comes to getting the ideal brow shape.

  • Create the Desired Shape

With an eyebrow pencil, outline an ideal arch once you have determined how your eyebrows should curve. In this way, you will have created a stencil that will make it easier to remove only the hair that falls above or below it. Also, it will prevent you from over-plucking. Knowing your arch limits is also crucial. An arch that is too high will give an unnatural look.

  • Choose the Best Tweezers

Choosing the right tweezers causes a tremendous difference in plucking and also in the amount of pain you experience. The best tweezers for brows are sharp and slanted because they grab stray strands quickly. Also, they will not pinch your skin along with the hair.

We at Vega offer the best tweezers for brows with superior quality and non-slip grip. You can opt for our D'ZynerTweezer TW-08, which is hand polished and has a quirky print.

  • Avoid Using a Magnifying Mirror

Use an ordinary mirror in a well-lit room and avoid using a magnifying mirror. It might create an illusion of more hair, which is to be plucked than there is, which might lead to over-plucking.

  • Tweeze Brows After Showering

If you experience pain while plucking your eyebrows, there is an ideal way to lessen the pain. The perfect time to tweeze your brows is after showering as the warm water opens the follicles and softens the hair.

  • Less is More

While plucking your brows, ensure that you follow the mantra of less is more. Avoid plucking them often and, instead, wait for them to reach their full growth potential. By and large, it takes about six to eight weeks for the eyebrows to reach that stage.

Shape and Get Symmetrical Brows at Home Easily

The best tweezers for eyebrows will enable you to tweeze your brows at home in the best possible manner and get the most desirable effect. We at Vega offer the best eyebrow tweezers with slant and square tips. The Rubber Grip TW-04 provides a comfortable grip that prevents sliding during use. You can also opt for the All That Glitter Tweezer to keep up with the newest fashion trends.

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