How to Use a Hair Brush Rightly?

How to Use a Hair Brush Rightly?

Brushing hair is the least important thought that crosses our mind, however, it’s one of the most crucial thoughts we shouldn’t overlook. We may not give much thought to this but brushing the hair the right way holds relevance in how your hair turns out to be. There are some noteworthy benefits of brushing the hair strands that are possible only if you use the right Hair Brush and that too correctly. A Hair Brush is a vital hair tool that helps you detangle your hair and, in case you are unaware of the right way to use a hair brush, consider the following tips to make your hair free from tangles and knots.

Perks of Brushing Hair

  • Brushing hair rightly pave way for a lot of benefits and one of them is making hair shiny and healthy. While brushing hair the right way, helps to distribute natural oil in the hair and adds a natural shine to the hair.
  • The bristles of the hair brush provide a gentle massage to the scalp that aids in blood flow circulation and hair growth.
  • Losing hair is a common problem for everyone, however, using the right hair brush to detangle the knots controls hair fall as well. Brushing hair regularly controls hair fall and avoids hair breakage.
  • Another benefit of using a hair brush is that it helps to remove the build-up from the hair strands.

The Right Way to Brush Hair

Choosing the Right Hair Brush

Different hair brushes are curated for different hair types and it makes all the difference only if you use the right brush for the right hair texture. There are a few parameters to consider while selecting the right hair brush for you. While looking out for the right hair brush, look through your hair type and length. A hair Brush that meets your hair needs should have the right bristles and size. The ergonomic and grip of the brush are also important considerations while choosing the right hair brush.

Brush Hair in Sections

Before detangling the hair knots, divide the hair into sections and then start brushing the mane. This will avoid hair from breaking and pulling. Take a smaller section first and start gliding the brush from the hair end. Once you have detangled the knots, start moving upwards and brush the remaining strands.

Be Gentle While Brushing Hair

Using the Hair Brush on the strands resembles a quick massage that makes you feel relaxed and relieved. Using the hair brush rightly does not only revolve around picking the correct type but also the way you use it. While gliding the brush, try to be gentle and slow. Brushing hair with ease and light hands is important as it does not worsen the tangles, avoids breakage, and makes hair grooming painless.

Keep the Hair Brush Clean

Ensure cleaning the hair brush on regular basis to remove the dirt collected in the bristles. Take lukewarm water and mix liquid soap. Now dip the brush in it for some time and rinse it with plain water. You can repeat the process every 15 days.

Next time you go for buying the hair brush for yourself, consider the following tips!