Facebook Pixel How To Use Hair Roller to Get Curls?

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How To Use Hair Roller to Get Curls?

How To Use Hair Roller to Get Curls?

How To Use Hair Roller to Get Curls?

Gorgeous, voluminous, and bouncy curls would always remain a classy hairstyle. No matter what hair texture you are blessed with, there is not one but numerous ways to style hair with curls. And today we are going to talk about a similar method of getting easy curls at home and that too without using Hair Curlers. They work best for girls with fine hair who want to flaunt their voluminous curls. Using this Hair Accessory for Women, your unruly hair will transform into beautiful curly tresses with a smooth finish. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide to know the right use of Hair Rollers to get curly hair locks.

The Right Way to Using Hair Rollers

Prep your Hair by Washing and Applying Serum

The right way to style any type of hair is to start with freshly washed locks. Use the right shampoo and conditioner to make sure hair is clean and soft. Let the hair air dry and then apply the serum. Applying serum before using Hair Roller enables to get smooth and frizz-free curls. Brush your mane using Paddle Hair Brush to tame all the tangles and knots. To create curls effortlessly, hair knots and frizz should be kept away.

Divide Hair into Sections

The next most obvious step is to divide hair into different sections for easy and convenient hairstyling. Sectioning hair is key to achieving a trendy hairstyle without any hassle that includes straightening, curling, or hair cutting. The easiest way is to part hair in 3-4 sections depending upon the hair volume and texture.

Start rolling the Hair

Now take one section each at a time and place the Hair Roller at the end of the hair tips and start rolling towards the upper section. With each roll, wrap the strands around the roller and repeat the same step one by one with every hair section.

Leave the Hair Rollers for a Few Hours

Once you are done, leave the rollers for some hours so the curls are set properly. Meanwhile, you can go along with your other jobs like make-up or getting dressed. Don’t keep them for longer than required, open the rollers, brush your hair to fix the curls and seal the hair with a hair spray to ensure the gorgeous and fluffed out curls remain long-lasting.

Do’s and Don’ts of Using Hair Roller

  • For leaving the Hair Rollers in the hair for overnight styling, always use heatless hair rollers that don’t pass any heat to the strands.
  • To set the curls properly so that they long last, always use a hair spray to seal the locks or they may get loose.
  • Refrain from pulling hair too tight while rolling the hair section. Putting too much pressure on the hair can result in hair breakage and pain in the hair roots.
  • Start rolling hair only after the locks are free from frizz, knots, and tangles.

And here’s how you can use these Hair Rollers to curl and give your hair a complete transition.