Different Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Different Types of Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Getting that on-fleek look can be made so much easier with the right makeup. Though, sometimes we fail to understand that the right makeup means getting the right products, especially makeup brushes for perfect application. But before splurging on any products, you should know makeup brush uses and their proper application. Knowing how to use makeup brushes is essential for getting the flawless look that you always wanted.

How to Use Makeup Brushes

The first thing to know when understanding makeup brush uses is that not every brush is the same. They come in various sizes, materials, shapes, lengths, and density. You can go through the product description and the name to understand its use, or you can bookmark our makeup brushes guide.

Here is a list of different types of makeup brushes you can buy from the Vega online store for every step of a full glam makeup routine. You will be able to determine the makeup brushes names, types, and more importantly- how to use makeup brushes.

Our popular makeup brushes are Vega Face Pack Brush, Vega Foundation Brush, Vega Concealer Brush, Vega Blush Brush, Vega Eye Brush, and Vega Lip Filler Brush. Let’s understand their uses in detail:

  1. Vega Face Pack Brush

Begin your beauty regime with the application of a face pack. You get fresh-looking, glowing skin after using a nourishing face pack. However, the application of these beauty products should be done with the help of a brush to spread it evenly on the face & cover the entire area. Vega face pack brushes are made from less absorbent bristles for effective application face pack.


  • Start with dipping the brush in the face pack bowl.
  • Now, spread the product across your face using a Vega face pack brush.
  • With smooth strokes, gently apply the face pack on your face.


  1. Vega Foundation Brush

Next, set the base right on your face with a foundation. Use a Vega foundation brush made with ultra-soft hair to facilitate the smooth application of foundation onto the skin. You can use this brush for all liquid makeup products. It blends the makeup and ensures that your makeup does not look cakey or washed up.


  • Apply some liquid foundation at the back of your hand, dip the foundation brush in it.
  • Lightly, sweep it across your cheekbones.
  • Now, in a circular motion, blend it smoothly so that you buff the product into your skin, giving it a natural look.


  1. Vega Concealer Brush

Look for spots on your face and conceal them with a concealer brush. Check and correct all spots with the brush. This easy applicator will ensure that you do not suffer from blotchy and spotty makeup. The Vega concealer brush is specially designed for precise application and small area coverage.


  • Start with dipping the small bristled brush in the cream and liquid concealer product.
  • With the slanted side of the brush, apply the product to the areas that need to be corrected.
  • With swift strokes and patting the product onto the skin, conceal the area with finesse.


  1. Vega Blush Brush

Enhance your look with a little blush on your face. Vega blush brush is ideal for correct pick-up and blending loose and pressed powder products. Now that you know this makeup brush use, blend easily and get perfectly pink cheeks effortlessly.


  • Sweep the blush brush to pick up powder or blush.
  • In a circular motion, highlight your cheeks with ease.


  1. Vega Eye Brush

While contemplating the makeup brushes uses, an essential tool is the Vega eye brush. It will help you apply eye shadow to your eyelids with precision. The small hair of the brush allows you to pick up a decent amount of eye shadow powder in one go.


  • Use the eye brush to apply the eye shadow product.
  • Sweep it across your eyelids gently.
  • Ensure minimal fallout of the product.
  • The result will be well-defined eye makeup.


  1. Vega Lip Filler Brush

Finish your makeup with perfectly lined lips. The Vega lip filler brush enables you to apply lip color accurately. The soft hair of the brush is gentle on your delicate lips. You can achieve sharper and even looking lips with this brush.


  • Take some of the lip colors with the lip filler brush.
  • Now, with short strokes, apply it to your lips.
  • Get enviable lips with any lipstick color or shade.

At Vega, we want you to have flawless makeup, every time. Now that you know what these makeup brushes use, you can choose from a wide range of makeup brushes that we offer. Our superior quality brushes are a must-have to look and feel on-point every day. Visit our website and explore premium makeup brushes. Do not forget to bookmark this makeup brush guide!