Introducing VEGA Hair Brushes for Oh So Gorgeous Locks

Introducing VEGA Hair Brushes for Oh So Gorgeous Locks

When it comes to make-up, skincare, dresses and shoes we want to look our best and never think twice before splurging money. Well, the same rule applies on our beauty tool accessories like Hair Brushes. Believe it or not, we seldom think of researching Hair Brushes the way we look out for other hair styling tools while buying. We are constantly on the move to have the best of everything while styling our hair and often forget to consider hairbrushes which are unsung heroes behind healthy and stylish hair. 

It’s high time to move beyond simple brushing and combing and know which is the right Hair brush that suits your hair. Picking the correct brush proves revolutionary in changing the total look of your hair and plays an influential role in achieving and maintaining perfect hair. Each Hair Brush is dedicatedly designed to suit a specific hair type and is truly our secret weapon to turn the hair of our dreams into reality. And if you are on a hunt for a brush, here’s an unveiling different type of hair brushes used for different textures of hair.

Best Hair Brushes for Every Hair Type

Paddle Hair Brush

Paddle Hair Brush can be found is owned by a lot of people because it suits all hair types. This brush is known for its ability to glide through every hair texture with ease and does not pull the strands. They are made of flat rectangular base that provides great control while using and moves comfortably along the natural texture of the hair. The quickest and easiest way to detangle hair- both wet and dry is Paddle Hair Brush which detangles the toughest hair knots without tugging and pulling. 

Cushion Hair Brush 

Days when you fail to tame your frizzy hair, Cushion Hair Brush can make all the difference by turning the knots and frizz into smooth-looking mane. The right hair brush for frizzy hair is made up of ball-tipped bristles that are firm, flexible and prove helpful while detangling hair knots, smoothing, and styling. The evolution of ball-tipped brushes makes combating hair issues easier as they smoothly penetrate the hair, stimulate and massage the scalp, and reduces the tangles. 

Flat Hair Brush

VEGA Flat Hair Brush is a great choice for hair that is prone to frizziness, breakage, and dullness. Flat Brush is flat and wide in size and is known for its flexibility while detangling and taming the hair knots. These attributes allow the brush to bend and flex while brushing the most stubborn hair knots and minimize the hair breakage and tangles. Flat Brush for hair provides an easy and comfortable run through the unruly tresses with stress-free hair brushing experience. 

Round Hair Brush 

For every woman who swoons over gorgeous-looking and bouncy hair curls then this hair brush is for her! Round Hair Brush is suitable to add curls, waves, provide shine and enhance the volume of the hair. Best round hair brushes offer quick and instant curls while blow-drying damp hair and minimize the frizz. Whenever you are running late to work or a party and have no time to use your Hair Curling Machine, round hair brushes are there to save your day by effortlessly styling your bangs and that too without any heat. 

Hot Curl Brush 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create curls, loose waves and blow-dry your hair at home? It surely is effortless; all with the help of a Hot Curl Brush. Here’s how you can style your hair easily and give them the touch of salon-like fresh blow dry using a hot curl brush. This styling hair brush adds volume, shine, and smoothness to the dull hair and the result is bouncy, soft and shiny hair in just a few minutes. We can always visit the salon for that fresh blow-dry but what if there’s a sudden plan to step out? That’s where Hot Curl Brush for every hair comes in handy!

It’s not surprising how hairbrushes can perform so many functions altogether. All you need is to recognize your hair type and look for a similar hair brush that compliments your styling needs!