Keep Your Curls on Hold with These Proven Hair Hacks

Keep Your Curls on Hold with These Proven Hair Hacks

Every girl who loves experimenting with her hair knows very well what a struggle it is to decide how to style the mane every time she steps out. With the change in trend, a lot of girls are ditching the mainstream straight hair look and opting to go for loose and tight curls that give such a lovely bounce to the regular hair. As much as we love styling our hair in curls, looking after and maintaining them is such a tedious task!

You imagine getting finished ringlets that don’t get loose anytime sooner but end up turning your hair frizzy. But don’t lose hope; this happens to all of us in the initial phase whenever we try our hand at styling! We are going to tell you the easiest hacks to keep your hairstyle locked for hours. Now get ready to fall in love with your curls with the following life-changing tips that are totally worth giving a try.

Hair Tips to Make your Curls Last Longer

Start with the Right Order of Prepping Hair

The saga of long-lasting and flawless curls begins right from the shower. Always remember the fact that curls long last when hair is clean, soft and feels light. So the first basic tip to follow is prepping the hair in the right order and way. Always track your shower routine accordingly so that your curls turn out to be exactly what you want. While there’s no control over styling hair for sudden plans, you can still keep two days gap between hair wash and curling. Having said above, the best time to style hair is usually the second day after hair wash. And to make your curls look defined, skip the conditioner as they make hair soft and they appear slippery while using the Hair Curling Machine

Always Blow Dry before Curling 

Nothing is more heartbreaking than spending an hour curling your locks only to have the curls fall flat. We understand the struggle to make the curls look fluffy and voluminous and to fight this issue, always blow dry your hair before styling. If you have just washed your hair and don’t want them to weigh down then always blow dry your hair to add volume. For the best results, use a Hair Dryer with a diffuser to spread air on the larger section of hair and for lifting the volume. Once the hair is completely dry and as you brush the knots, you will notice a considerable amount of volume. 

Maintain the Regular Hair Care Routine

To style hair, we often forget to give attention to the hair in terms of care and routine. And in absence of the right care regime, hair often gets damaged because of factors like excessive heat styling, sun exposure, or pollution. To curl the mane flawlessly, one needs to take care of your hair properly. If you have split ends and frizzy hair, then the curls may become unruly. To fix the brittle and dull hair, get the hair trimmed from time to time and apply a regular hair mask for deep conditioning. Less frizzy hair, more beautiful will the curls look. For the kind of hair look you desire, a good hair routine is a complete game-changer leaving behind healthy, frizz-free and soft hair.

Pick the Right Hair Curling Tool

The Hair Curling Tool that we use to style hair also plays a significant role in giving a finished curly look. From creating Beachy waves to tight spiral curls, the right hair curling tool is the go-to-partner. Also while picking the hair curler; certain aspects should be kept in mind for drawing the best curling results. The size of the barrel, temperature settings, and heat plates all play a major role in getting the hair texture you crave for. To snag the ideal hair curler, look for the above-mentioned features along with a large barrel size to ensure even heat distribution to bring out the finest curls.

Seal the Look with Hair Spray 

Creating gorgeous-looking hair curls is one thing and making them last longer is another! Once you are done styling your hair, don’t forget to use a hair spray one last time. This is the final step that determines the span of your hairdo. If there is any frizz in your tresses, this spray works great to remove them along with keeping the curls bouncy, healthy and fuller for the entire day.

Simple steps and easy hair tips are all that you need to flaunt your curls all day long!