Know How to Trim Long Beard with a Beard Trimmer

Maintaining a long beard is no less than owning a car that you have to take care of every now and then. However, growing a beard not only enhances your look but also makes you look stylish. Though, if you think that growing a beard means not shaving for six months, that's not it. It requires more than just time and patience.

Keeping it trimmed and well-maintained is the secret to making your beard look great.

How to Trim Long Beard?

No matter how long your beard is or what style you wish to have, knowing how to trim a long beard is essential. Here is a step-by-step process on how to trim a long beard:

  1. Detangle the Beard

The first step to maintain a long beard is washing it and detangling it carefully. To detangle your beard hair, use a wide-toothed comb. Hold the comb perpendicular to your face and run it through the beard all the way down to where it ends. Once you are done, you can run your fingers smoothly through the beard.

  1. Groom That Neckline

Remember to start from the bottom of the neck when learning how to shape a long beard. Start moving the trimmer just above Adam's apple to create a mark and, form a regular curved line on the right and left end of the beard with the mark placed in the middle of the neck. As soon as the lines are made, rest the trimmer's flat surface on your skin and move upwards while trimming down the hair till the line you have just created. Continue trimming to the other parts of your neck to achieve a spotless beard look.

  1. Sideburns

Sometimes, when you trim your beard yourself, the sideburns are ignored, but it is important to groom them as well. Move to the sideburns after the neckline is clean and looks sharp enough. To do so, you will first need to clean them from the outside, the part below and next to the ear, and voila, you are done.

  1. Cheek line

When it comes to grooming your cheek line, being extra careful is what we suggest. Since cheek line is directly visible on your face, there are no ways you can get wrong with trimming down your long beard. Essentially, what we do here is, form a line that ties the sideburns and the mustache altogether. Though it can be done in various ways, it often depends on your shape preference. The most common one is to keep it curved from the sideburns naturally and connect it just in line with the mustache.

  1. Trim as Per the Desired Length

You first need to decide the length of the beard that you want. Choosing a style would help you determine how short the whole-long beard is to be trimmed. Once done with that, pick the right length trimming attachment and, adopt the same approach as you used on the neck. Hold the flat surface on the skin and move upwards until you get a clean trim throughout the beard.


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