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Let’s Learn the Right Technique to use the Make-up Beauty Blender

Let’s Learn the Right Technique to use the Make-up Beauty Blender

Make-up tricks work better if you know the right application of beauty products. It’s high time we let go of the traditional approach of applying make-up by hands and join hands with beauty blenders; the right make-up tool. No woman would deny loving love make-up; however, making a choice between which products to pick might get overwhelming for her. And if you have never used any beauty blender or sponge before then this is high time you start including a beauty blender in your make-up kitty and save yourself from the beauty blunder. Beauty blenders make our lives so much easier, as make-up products blend seamlessly giving an even base without any patches or breakouts. And if you are a make-up beginner, then read this blog till the end and get to know the right way to use a make-up blender.

Tips and Tricks to Use the Beauty Blender

Having a beauty blender is another basic item that you should have in your collection. Blending the makeup products with a beauty sponge avoids any type of streaks on the base and leaves a smooth texture on the face. With time, the type of beauty blenders has also evolved and if you want to know the right way of using the blender, read the following blog.

Dampen the Blender before Use

To get flawless make-up, using the blender the right way is the turning point. To get that finished look, make sure that you dampen the blender before actually applying the product. Damping the blender does not mean placing the blender under the running water tap. Just moist it and then squeeze out all the extra water if any, to avoid the blender absorbing the make-up. And now you are good to go!

Prepare the Sponge for the Use

Once you have squeezed and removed all the extra water from the blender, apply the product (could be foundation) on the palm or on the sponge directly. Dab the blender well so that the foundation or concealer mixes well and then start putting on your face. The hack that you need to follow with the make-up blender is to dab it and not drag. To simplify it, don’t drag or rub the blender, instead pat the blender in a circular motion so that the product blends well.

Get Natural Coverage with Foundation Sponge

Make-up looks great if you can give natural coverage to the skin. Make-up products that give natural coverage to the skin look better and it is all possible with the VEGA Foundation sponge. While applying foundation or concealer, ensure to pick the product that matches your skin tone and then dab it well with the foundation sponge that gives even application of liquid cream resembling the actual skin tone.

Clean the Sponge or Blender

Having the right blender and using it to do flawless make-up is important, so is maintaining personal hygiene by cleaning the blender after every use. Once you are done applying the make-up, take lukewarm water and soak the blender. Now squeeze and clean it softly with hands, let it dry, and store in the hygienic place. And hence this way, you can use your blender in long run and without having to worry about skin irritation due to dirty sponges.