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Make Your Hair Stand Out With These Simple Waving & Crimping Ideas

Make Your Hair Stand Out With These Simple Waving & Crimping Ideas

Our hair is just like an artistic canvas and we are free to experiment and play with it, though gently. Any occasion or any special day demands a distinct hairdo apart from attractive outfits. Our hair makes us unique in our appearance and personality. Therefore, presenting it somewhat distinctly is in our hands and yes, there are plenty of appliances and tools that can help us achieve that uniqueness which we are looking for. One of the areas in hair styling seldom explored is crimping and waving. You have to believe when we say that that these hairstyles can actually impart that dreamy touch to your hair and yes, it’s super easy to get. Below are few of the hair styling ideas that would win over you, ones you try it out!

1. Y2K Crimped Hair Style


This is a kind of crimped hair that doesn’t requires much effort yet makes you stand out from the crowd. Y2K style is the kind that goes back to early 2000s and represents a blend of millennium and Gen Z. Take one section of your hair and crimp it with ease using Vega Classic Hair Crimper. To add a little more jazz, pick another section of the hair randomly and crimp it out. That’s it, you are done! Now, instead of combining it with a poker straight hair, try softly waving the left of the hair and lastly fixing it with a hair spray (fixer).

2. Crimped Hair Ponytail

One of the best ways to flaunt a crimped hairstyle is by doing a crimped ponytail. This hairstyle presents a striking contrast leaving the front portion sleek and straight while the rest of the hair is crimped and flowy. This classic hairstyle demands for a low ponytail, you can surely make it high to suit your face. Use Vega 3-in-1 Hair Styler to get this striking look. Since it is a pulled-back hairstyle, it will be emphasizing a round face, therefore it is best suited for someone with more angular features.

3. Crimped Ends

Put your hair upside down and start brushing with Vega paddle brush to create a fluffy, voluminous look. Now start with softly crimping the ends with Vega Hair Crimper to create small textured ends rather than the large ones. This style goes best with long and fine hair as it helps in aiding volume and imparts a fuller effect. Pair it up with some glitzy 80’s inspired jewelry and get the final touch by doing some smokey eyes and cherry lips.

4. Messy Waves


You don’t require sectioning for this hair style. This will make the waves look bigger which is not the goal of this style. Start waving from the top and slowly work down for a natural look with Vega I-Wave Hair Waver. It’s okay if you get a slightly irregular pattern as this gives out the natural wavy effect. You can pair it up with a head band or a hat for a sensational look.

5. Beachy waves

This hairstyle is something straight out of dreams. Start by applying a dry shampoo at the roots to add some volume and shine serum at the ends of the hair to ease out frizz. Hold the waver vertically as you start waving, as this will create waves that come out in S shape. For a looser and natural look, leave an inch in between clamps. If you are looking for a bigger and voluminous look, prefer waving horizontally. Once all your hairs are waved, use a fixing spray too keep the beautiful waves intact.

These beautiful crimping and waving ideas can get you a super attractive texture in less time and with less expenditure. You really don’t have to rush to the parlor for styling every now and then. With Vega’s amazing hair styling appliances, you can achieve any hairstyle right at home and make heads turn at your style and persona.