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The Only Makeup Product List You Need for A No Makeup Look

The Only Makeup Product List You Need for A No Makeup Look

Isn't it odd that we like to use makeup products to get a no-makeup look? However, keeping the minimalist vibe and other beauty crisis aside, the no-make look is here to stay. It goes straight against the usual 'Instagram' makeup looks that thousands of influencers like to flaunt — bright brows, maximum coverage base, winged mascara, you get the gist. A no makeup look demands you to do the bare minimum by focusing more on the application steps than on makeup product list. Once you have mastered the fundamentals of the no-makeup look, adding other makeup kit essentials to your wardrobe is so much easier.


Keep scrolling to explore a must-have list of items in makeup kit to rock the 'no make-up look 'anywhere -

Makeup Kit Essentials for Face & Lips

  1. Primer:

A primer is the best way to get smooth skin when you are looking for a no-makeup look. You should cater to your cosmetic preferences on what kind of look you're going for and what type of skin tone you have. A pore-filling primer smoothens and fills all pores without clogging them with its dense base. A lighting primer is one of those makeup kit essentials that give you an all-natural glamorous glow and offers an extra hydrated feel.

  1. BB or CC Cream

For the perfect no-makeup look, you must steer clear of full coverage foundations. Tinted moisturizers, like BB and CC creams, give a little extra hydration to your skin and let some of your freckles, redness and imperfections come through. To cover more area properly, apply with a powder brush, or with a towel to remove the dewiness. It is one of those makeup kit essentials which is a must-have especially for makeup for beginners.

  1. Blush

Next on the makeup products list for a no make-up look is a blush. On applying blush can have a significant effect on your overall minimalistic no-makeup look. You will find blushes in formulations bases of powder, gel, and cream. The most common being the powdered range. However, cream and gel blush has also become pretty popular lately. When picking a blush, choose a natural-toned color that gives you a natural flush. Use a blush brush to get the perfect natural flush as it evenly tones the blush. For the same, you can explore VEGA blush brushes for swiping the blush like a pro. Be cautious not to go overboard while applying, regardless of your skin tone, because then the no-makeup look won't look that fabulous. Remember, less is more.

  1. Lip Gloss

In theearly-mid-2000s, lip gloss became a hit, and it has recently regained traction again, with trendy brands like Maybelline, Lakme and Wet & Wild all serving their versions of glossy products. A lip gloss belongs to the list of items in makeup kit that comes in handy when you're in a hurry or when you are aiming for that no-makeup look.

Makeup Kit Essentials- Tools

  1. Powder Brush

Vega professional powder brushes are absolute all-time favorites of makeup artists in the making. Our brushes are made offline-quality hair, soft and silky to touch, with black handles and silver ferrule. A powder brush is ideally designed to add loose powder and enables precise placement of the sculpted brush head on your face – a must-have in your beauty bag.

  1. Blush Brush

Made from good-quality hair, Vega blush brushes belong to the must-have makeup products list - ideal for a natural finish and pro powder blending. The round form of the hair brush spreads smoothly and evenly on the face. Vega blush brushes use the powder blush more precisely - both in terms of the amount of color and swipe. It is one of those products that should be included in makeup for beginner’s kit.

  1. Lip Liner Brush

Another one in our makeup essentials list, the Vega lip liner brush is not just about making the lips look attractive but also about highlighting them the right way. This brush can be used to cover the whole lip and to add lipstick and lip gloss, too. This sleek brush lines the lips with ease and blends color intensely, which makes it ideal for defining lines of the outer lips. Our lip liner brushes are carefully designed to shape your lips beautifully. The brush hair is tightly tufted together to promote delicate application of smooth strokes.

It is easier to have only a few great products that you love than owning a bunch of good products that you bought just because. So, get the right tools to achieve the no-makeup look. Check out other makeup brushes, hair styling appliances and salon-like grooming products from Vega. Get your no-makeup but totally glam look today!