Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using a Hair Straightener

A smooth, straightened look is often the best cure for frizzy summer hair. But if you check the cost of permanent hair straightening, it is a lot. Not everybody can afford that. Nothing to worry though. With an easy fix, the cost of hair straightening can be reduced to nearly zero. How? With an easy-to-use hair straightener!

Getting a handy straightener will help you get that glam look without making a costly trip to the salon. You can check out our wide range of hair straighteners online. We make sure that hair straightening cost does not come in the way of being the diva that you are!

But if your at-home styling session never works out quite the way you imagine it to, you might be making a faux pas. DIY styling needs a bit of caution and understanding of a hair straightener to avoid any damages.

That's why we made this list covering the most common mistakes to avoid while straightening your hair.

  1. Not Washing Your Hair Properly

Believe us or not, this is the number one mistake that you may be committing. Unintentionally, of course! If you have shampooed and conditioned your hair well, rinsing them properly is crucial. It is because the residual product in your hair can cause significant damage when using a hair straightener.

Also, before straightening your hair, do not use too much leave-in conditioner or styling product. If you see any smoke as you straighten your hair, it is due to the product build up in your hair. Turn off the straightener immediately.

  1. Not Using a Hair Protectant

Applying a thermal protectant before you start straightening is essential if you want to protect your luscious locks. It will prevent your hair from becoming frizzy. Only squirt into your hand a coin-sized quantity and run it through your hair strands. Afterward, you go through the hair with a brush to get rid of any clumps. It helps your hair look beautiful, making sure that you have a minimum hair straightening cost.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Dryer & Straightener

If you buy a dryer or a straightener, make sure it has adjustable temperature settings. If you can not change the temperature, there is a high risk of your hair becoming vulnerable to heat damage.

Don’t buy a hair straightener with only a few basic features, as you need to match the temperature to your hair texture and thickness. You can avoid permanent hair straightening cost and instead buy a Vega-self style hair straightener that comes with ceramic coated plates. These plates allow an even distribution of heat and protect hair from heat damage. It has a 4-heat setting (1400C to 2000C) with an LED display that allows you to adjust the temperature to your hair type to ensure the best results for the hair type you need. The straightener efficiently heats up within seconds and comes with a power indicator light.

  1. Working on Large Sections

Although larger sections seem perfect and simple to work with, the secret is small, proper sectioning of your hair for drying and straightening. This way, all the strands are exposed to heat equally and can be styled without making the hair look like it has been styled in a rush! The best approach is to find enough time, segment your hair into small sections, and individually style them.

  1. Skipping Combing the Hair

If you think only permanent straight hair looks sleek and shiny, you are mistaken. You do not need to spend a dime on permanent hair straightening cost to get shiny hair.

With a Vega hair straightener, you can get the perfect straight hair. However, before you start to straighten your hair, comb it thoroughly. When straightening, combing the hair makes it easier for you to style them. It also becomes easy to smooth curls and makes the finish fine hair. Straighten your hair is by taking a small section and thoroughly combing it from the root to the ends, and finally removing it. Then run the hair straightener on silky hair and get a sleek finish.

A note: You must use a wide-toothed comb to brush or detangle your hair. 

  1. Working in the Wrong Direction

Extreme frizz can be triggered by using your styling tool in the wrong direction. Follow this basic rule for voluminous and cleaner looking hair. Try blow drying at the crown of your head in upward and reverse motions to generate more volume. Use downward motions on the back and sides to create a smooth, streamlined look.

Now that you know all the don'ts of hair straightening say bye-bye to the hefty hair straightening cost of salons and buy a Vega hair straightener. Now style your hair effortlessly and use our affordable hair straightener to get sleek, straight hair!