Monsoon Special: How to Take Care of Hair in Rainy Weather?

Monsoon Special: How to Take Care of Hair in Rainy Weather?

The essence of the first rain of the season is surreal! However, getting drenched while coming back from work and letting your hair get wet is the least favorite activity. The official season to feel lazy is here which reduces the scorching heat of the sun. Monsoon definitely never fails to bring us joy but it is equally unpleasant for our hair. 

This is that time of the year when our hair requires some extra attention and care because it becomes prone to hair fall, turns brittle and rough. It’s the right calling to change the hair care routine to save it from becoming dull and weak. With the hair becoming frizzy and weak, the prime reason is the polluted rainwater that exposes our precious mane to a lot of hair-related problems. If you are noticing that your hair is getting frizzier in the rainy weather, this blog is going to help you with a few effective ways to provide the help your hair badly needs. 

Simple yet Effective Ways to Look after Your Hair During Monsoon

Skip Overwashing Hair

Rain fascinates everyone but it does no good to our hair. If you are someone who loves getting drenched in rain then just towel dry the wet hair and leave it. Overwashing the hair during this weather may end up causing more hairfall. Simply stick to your usual hair wash routine and you are good to go. Try to keep the washing schedule to a minimum and don’t forget to use a conditioner to ensure hair tips do not feel rough or brittle. If you badly get wet and your hair is all soaked in rainwater, in that case, don’t ignore the mane. Immediately give your hair a proper wash to get rid of the dirty scalp due to the pollutants present in the rainwater.

Be Gentle While Combing Hair 

While combing your hair, be a little gentle to avoid strands breaking from the roots. Use wide teeth wooden hair comb to detangle the tresses so that the hair doesn’t feel like being pulled while combing. Moreover, due to sudden rainfall, the hair often gets wet and takes more time to get dry fully. In this case, avoid running the hair comb through wet hair as it leads to hair getting pulled and broken. Wait for the hair to dry out and then use the wide teethed comb as both scalp and hair roots are vulnerable during the monsoon weather.

Keep Your Hair Dry

It is extremely important to keep the hair and scalp dry during monsoon weather. The reason is that monsoon eventually worsens the hair quality and it becomes even weaker if wet. Always carry your umbrella or raincoat while stepping out and if still, you get drenched, get home and quickly dry your hair using a hair drying machine. Till the hair is wet, neither tie it up using a hair band nor use any hair styling tools. Moreover, if you ignore your wet hair then you can even catch a cold and end up getting sick. The longer you leave your wet hair; more are the chances of falling ill and getting scalp issues like itchiness. 

Do More of Hair Oiling Sessions

Our hair is at it’s lowest during the rainy weather and hence to make your hair feel soft and look healthy, prep it with good oiling before the wash. Make it a routine to apply oil at least twice a week and massage your scalp. For the best results use warm oil which will instantly boost hair nourishment. The use of oil will also settle down the frizz, tame even the unruliest hair, and provide a deep conditioning experience to your delicate hair. Using natural ingredient oil will also keep the scalp infection at bay and strengthen the hair roots.

Take Hair Spa Treatment

The major benefit to take a hair spa during monsoon season is that it restores the lost shine and strength of the hair. It not only plays a major role in controlling the hair fall but also avoids thinning of hair. If you are juggling with the issue of dandruff during the rainy season, it is highly recommended to pamper your hair with a spa. It will not only fix your hair woes like cleaning the scalp but also help to turn the hair smooth and bouncy. Due to the excessive moisture during this weather, hair turns brittle and rough which is instantly fixed with hair sap. 

And that's all you need to give that much-needed care to your hair during the monsoon.