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Quick Hair Styling Ideas For Regular Office-Goers

Quick Hair Styling Ideas For Regular Office-Goers

Hair styling is one of the most important aspects of self-grooming. It makes one feel prim and proper by raising ones style quotient and adding to the overall personality. Some love fashioning their hair in some unique way while others try to keep it simple yet smart. Working women like us who are required to rush to workplaces every morning usually falls short of time and are unable to pull of any hairstyles as such. This blog will guide you to styling your hair in the quickest way possible without any hassle, making you look smart and pretty.

Straight Hair


One of the least time taking smart hairstyles would be straightening. Using the right hair straightener for this hairdo can impart that poker straight hair which is loved by all. Vega Trendy Hair Straightener is the one for you when you need to get the perfect straightened hair in short time. It comes with 5 temperature settings allowing you to set the temperature according to your hair type and of course the time you have in your hand. Ceramic coated plates help in faster and even distribution of heat allowing you to style your hair real quick.

The Top Knot


The top knot or bun is one of the easiest hairdos that can be achieved in 2 to 3 minutes. It imparts a formal and tidy look and goes with almost any outfit. This fuss-free hairdo is achieved just by twisting your hair together and winding it up till it forms a beautiful bun. To add a bit of quirk you can add a nice flashy hairband to it. In case your hair feels like its pulling or snagging, you can slightly pull up few hairs to create a messy bun.

Sleek Ponytail

Call it casual or formal, it goes both ways! A sleek ponytail is a hassle-free hairstyle that can be done in minutes making one look prim and proper. Take a Vega paddle brush or Vega cushion brush and gently detangle your hair. After all that frizzes have evened out, tie it into a ponytail. To achieve that sleek tail, take Vega X-STAR Hair Straightening Brush and smoothly glide through the tail. Voila! Smartest hairdo ever!

Messy Braid

If you have already started to think if any messy hairstyle would do at work, then the answer is yes! As the name suggests, this braid is done in a messy style to give a very youthful and chic look. Especially if you are planning a weekend hairstyle for office, this is the one. Just brush your hair clean and braid it loosely, avoid doing it tight. Ones braided, pull out some locks in the front. Take a Vega hot curl brush, wrap the locks around and blow dry with Vega Insta Glam 1000 Hair Dryer to get those dreamy curled locks in minutes. The result you get is a super pretty look that can be pulled off with casuals as well as formals.

All these wonderful hairstyles are a great way to present yourself differently at your workplace every day. Simple yet attractive are the terms that we working women seek when we want to get some style for our hair and outfit and the above mentioned hairdos justify it. With the right hair appliance and just with a little time, you are free to express your fashionable soul anywhere. Explore Vega’s personal care appliances that has the right pick for you. Be it a professional meeting or an awaited date night, groom up just the way you have imaged right at the comfort of your home.