Step by Step Guide to Apply Eyeshadow for Best Eye Looks

Your eye makeup can be a turning factor in elevating your entire look. That said, eyeshadow application can be a challenging task if you are a beginner. From edgy cut-crease to a bold smoky look, your eye makeup can add the right kind of depth and dimension to your eyes. We have crafted a guide that will tell you how to apply eyeshadow like a pro and answer common questions like- What kind of brushes do you need in your vanity? How can you decide what colors to choose?

How to Apply Eyeshadow Step by Step? 

  1. Begin with an Eyeshadow Primer

Before starting with your eye makeup, prep your eyes using an eyeshadow primer. It is a crucial step. Start with a fresh and clean base; the first thing you must do is apply eyeshadow primer to your eyelids. Preparing your eye base is important if you want your eye makeup to last throughout the day.

Pro tip- If you do not own an eyeshadow primer, you can use your concealer and dab some translucent powder to create your eye makeup primer.

  1. Carefully Choose the Eye Makeup Brush

Choosing the right makeup brush to apply eyeshadow is extremely important. Vega offers a range of eyeshadow brushes that will simplify the process of eyeshadow application. With the help of Eye Shadow Brush (Medium)-MBP-06, you can apply your favorite eyeshadow perfectly. The soft, smooth hair of the brush helps create precise shading on the lid. If you know how to put on eyeshadow, using the Eye Brush-PB-14, you can easily spread and blend your eyeshadow evenly. Apply a Nude Base

With the help of Eye Brush-PB-14, opt for a nude shadow as a base, and on top, apply the colors that complement your skin tone. Blend it thoroughly. If you know how to apply eyeshadow, you will know that this will ensure the longevity and intensity of the colors you chose for your eyes.

  1. Intensify the Crease

Crease refers to the folded area of the skin above the eyelid. Apply a medium-toned brown eyeshadow to your crease. Apply some colors with Eye Shadow Brush (Medium)-MBP-06 to your lower lash line and blend it evenly, especially towards the outer corner.

Pro tip-If you want to contour your eyes at the crease, always choose a darker shade of eyeshadow.

  1. Add Some Colour

Go for a dark shade like burgundy to bring out your eyes. Focus on the outer corners. If you already know how to apply eyeshadow, gently extend the color past your crease for a smoky effect. The Vega Eye Brush-MBP-08 will help you smoke out the color while blending the eyeshadow beautifully.

  1. Make a Gradient

Using a nude color, blend out the edges of the burgundy eyeshadow for a softer effect.

Pro tip- If you know how to apply eyeshadow, using a nude shadow is the simplest way to make your eye make up look well-blended and neat.

  1. Define Your Low Lashline

Use a brown kohl pencil and apply it to your waterline. Do not forget to smudge it to achieve that beautiful smoky effect slightly.

  1. Put on Your Lashes

You can wear a pair of falsies to enhance the overall look of your eye makeup. Apply a coat of mascara on your lower lashes to balance out the top and bottom.

  1. Top it up With a Pretty Shimmery Shadow

Jazz up your eyeshadow makes up with a touch of shimmery pale shadow. You can also apply some pearly light color to the inner corner of the eye so that your face brightens up.

  1. Highlight Your Lash Lines with an Eyeliner

Correctly applied eyeliner can make your lashes look thicker and eyes wider. It is advisable to opt for waterproof eyeliner.


You can get a completely new look and define your face with thoughtfully chosen colors of eyeshadow. And blending eyeshadow correctly can be a total game-changer! Vega offers some of the finest eye makeup brushes that can help in bringing together your eyeshadow color, ensuring a smooth finish. Apart from investing in a good eyeshadow palette, make sure to purchase the right eyeshadow blending brush. With Vega by your side, you can create the best look for any occasion.